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Go here to discover jewelry that symbolizes the idea of unity or wholeness that underlies all nature.

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Superhealth through modern alchemy.

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I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
How to Materialize Your Heart's Desires With Holographic Creation.
I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization

Christopher Westra, author of I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization says:

"You can benefit from one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had! I can't even take full credit for this book on Holographic Creation (I call the method HoloCreation).

After twenty years of studying, reading, and application, these Principles of Reality Creation and Visualization with Emotion finally crystallized in an inspirational burst over the course of two days.

If you want to create your own reality, this might be the most important book you'll have the chance to read!" Read more ...

 Home   Afterlife   Books   Dimensions   Ecology   Emotions   Images   Jewelry   Meditate   Mysteries   Nutrition   Transmute   Donate 

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