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Consciousness and the alchemy of sacred geometry creates every particle in the universe. Energy and matter at its most basic level can be defined as the multi-dimensional mathematics of sacred geometry.
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Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, Visitors from Other Realms
Geometrical Vibrations of Space Create all Matter, Universe

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The Age of Aquarious     (Derived from original article found at Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com)

What is the Age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius simply means that we are leaving the age of Pisces and entering into the Age of Aquarius. This change in the Age happens every two thousand years - the last one coincided with the arrival of Christ. Alternative medicine, astrology, vegetarianism and other subjects previously considered weird are growing rapidly in popularity, and are all subjects associated with the sign of Aquarius.

These subjects will become more and more commonplace. Astrology and other mystical methods of self understanding will help people to become more in tune with their spiritual selves. People are already beginning to look within for the answers they seek, instead of outwards to money, possessions and other people.

This Golden Age is destined to synthesize all religious regimes and free the minds of ignorance and delusion. Each human being will begin his or her individual journey within, and strive to become the new race of super conscious humans awakening seekers of Truth and the eternal Spirit, healing peoples of many tongues and nations in the process.

Age of Aquarius and the Kabbalah

The holy book of the Zohar says: "All the celestial treasures and the hidden riddles that have not been solved for generations will be discovered in the Age of Aquarius". There are symbols that reveal hidden knowledge from the forgotten ages, knowledge that the Zohar spoke of and the cabalists hinted at. This knowledge reveals the basic essence of people and nature. The nature of this knowledge is essentially geometric and millions of people all over the world have been drawn to it in the past few years.

"You need to engrave very deeply within your mind and know that there is no reality without the blessed one. He is within every single movement in the world. The nature, (HATEVA in Hebrew) has the same numerological value as the word God (ELOHIM in Hebrew). The blessed one wore the nature clothes inanimate, vegetable, living, speaking" (Rabbi Nachman from Braslev)

The Kabala says that The Creator and the Nature are the same and brings the same numerological equivalents (in Hebrew), HATEVA=86 and ELOHIM=86. For thousands of years, humans have lived in a state of chaos, hatred, fear, diseases and destruction all of which are caused by duality.

Symbols from the Age of Aquarius

From the time that man ate from the tree of knowledge, he has not been able to see the existence of the ONE that stands behind all things. Some symbols show through geometry and mathematics, the existence of the one creator that exists within everything. The Kabbalah speaks of the Tree of Life, as the key to the entire universe and all the dimensions of creation. In these symbols, one can see the embodiment of the creator in all things.

The cycle of creation is also embodied in the Tree of Life, and the rest of the geometrical patterns that are spread all over the world which give us the cosmic "D.N.A".

The Seed of Life, Flower of Life and Fruit of Life patterns have existed in Judaism for many generations and can be found in ancient synagogues and ancient prayer books; although their significance has been forgotten through the years.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, forgotten knowledge rises up again showing us the secret of creation. Rabbi Yehuda Alay who was a friend of Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai the author of The Zohar said: "When all the nations in the world will accept the Kingdom of God, we also will return to his kingdom as it is written - When God is king over all the earth, on that day God will be One and his name One"

Sacred Geometry and the Age of Aquarius

Sacred Geometry exists beyond religion, belief or nationality. It unites us all in the belief of the One. By understanding the concept of the One, each of us can take control over our own lives and break free of the circle of chaos in the material world, which Judaism calls 'the world of lies'.

Kreat shema - ONE God or God is ONE?

The holy Ari (Rabbi Yitzhak Lorie) was said to have descended from the world of unification. Jews all over the world say the "Kreat shema" every day: "Hear o Israel, the Lord is our God, our Lord is one". Before his passing, Jacob called his sons to him, and asked them to swear that they will continue to believe in the one God. Since then Jacob's descendants call to him, reminding him that they did not forget their oath "Hear o Israel (Israel is Jacob's second name that was given to him by the angel) the Lord is our God, the Lord is one". When this is said they close their eyes, why? This is because we live in an illusory world, a separated world, and by closing our eyes we can separate ourselves for a little while from the illusory world and connect with the One!

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