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2012 alchemy - shift consciousness
I am excited to share the power of monoatomic nutrients with you. Zeropoint Technologies manufactures Gold, Platinum, Indium and many other transitional metals. I believe this is the future of healing through DNA...
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Fuzion is a powerful blend of 12 vitamins, 17 herbs, 18 Amino Acids, 75 plant minerals, CoQ10, Omega 3,6,9 and much more. With itŐs immune boosting, brain charging, body regeneration, anti-aging super-health qualities, it is a true...
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The same original Zynergy formula now with the addition of four important transition group metals. Monatomic Gold Diatomic Indium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, and Iridium. The brain and the immune system react extremely well when...
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Superhealth Through Modern Alchemy
Superhealth Through Modern Metallurgy Extraction and compounding of various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of 'superfood'. The conductivity which feeds the building blocks of life and higher consciousness. These are the highest quality monoatomic elements.
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Ancient Knowledge Moved Forward
Ancient Knowledge Moved Forward What we have been shown is that there is an order that each of the alchemical metals are introduced as a means of raising the frequency of the material, potentiating its power, and unlocking codes within the human body for access to "hidden" powers, abilities and information specific to our times.
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Powerful Monoatomic Elements Moving Health Technlogy Forward
Acsend Health to the Next Level ZP.tech starts with natural monoatomic elements from Southern Utah. Mineral deposits found here are among the highest concentrations in the world. We collect and use these base materials in many of our high quality formulas.
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