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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


1.1: SEXUAL HANG-UPS SHOULD BE AVOIDED: A human being's instinct to procreate is an amazingly strong and natural tendency. A man's and woman's biological, physical and emotional nature is drastically designed to serve the need to procreate! It is great in this day and age that open discussion of sexuality and all its problems is widely accepted and allowed because sex is an essential part of the design of life and is the root force of mystical awareness and spiritual consciousness. If conserved and liberated from the base of the spine, the sexual energy can be used for a much higher and fulfilling purpose. If one is serious about finding lasting ecstasy, the need to conserve vital (sexual) fluids and learning how to expand the sexual energy into a much more spiritual, upward direction is essential. Deep mystical ecstasy IS the refinement and transmutation of sexual desire for one's mate. Sexual fluids contain the sexual energy needed to power the drive, love and devotion essential for God-realization. It is unfortunate that there is such a strong, natural force created by nature to lose such precious sexual fluids!

However, what most people choose to eat is behind most of that loss of control, and the average diet tends to contain extremely poor nutrition for transmutation of sexual energy indeed. This is why mystical alchemists for centuries have yearned for the "Philosopher's Stone" that can convert the "lead" of lust into the "gold" of exhilarating transmutation. Nature has the answer, however society has strayed too far from its source and now lives too artificially and superficially. Nature rebels by allowing all kinds of diseases to occur, along with sexual problems such as erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation and disappearing libido.

Really fulfilling transmuting of sexual energy and self-control require perfect sexual and physical health and a complete understanding of the profound relationship of sex and spirituality. There are three basic levels of sexual health and transmutation: (1) the lowest level which is an involuntary celibacy caused by decades of poor circulation, disease and incorrect eating; (2) the average level of health which is characterized by "normal" sexual activity; and (3) high level wellness or wholeness characterized by extremely expansive sexual energy into bliss and selfless love. It actually is quite fulfilling to be celibate at level three yet frustrating to be celibate at level two. At level one, although it may again be much easier to be celibate, sexual fulfillment can be nearly impossible and there is little or nothing to transmute. I will therefore devote much of this book to the acquisition of the highest levels of health that one could possibly attain.

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In learning how to master the transmutation of sexual energy, one needs to start out with the healthiest attitude possible toward one's own sexuality. I would think it best not to have any sexual hang-ups at all, if possible, but rather encourage and enjoy a strong, healthy desire toward the aspects of sex and sexuality that encourage family unity, love, loyalty, affection, etc. and to discourage the types of sexual activity and diversions that threaten family values such as illicit sex, immoderate sex, lust, pornography, adultery, etc. One is not to subdue or restrict the sexual energy, but to strive to CHANGE ITS DIRECTION.

Through water fasting, generous quantities of natural adaptogenic herbal powders, super food green formulas, acidophilus, pure diets, health food supplements, pranayams, deep meditations, etc. one goes from uncontrolled or frequent sexual activity to natural and easy conservation of vital sexual energy (vital fluids) through the transformation of basic emotions (such as greed, lust, selfishness, etc.) into high, divine idealistic emotions of joy, contentment, awesome divine love and uplifting, exhilarating inspiration.

Purification of the mind, body, and lifestyle is essential for this process, and this process is essential for lasting spiritual inspiration and happiness. Everything is interdependent. I will first talk about the kundalini (life force energy starting at base of spine), the creation of ojas, and the transmutation through breathing exercises, tantra, relaxing vibration, and meditation before getting more fully into the actual dietary regimens that seem to work most effectively for achieving the highest levels of wellness and therefore transmutation.

1.2: VITAL LIFE-CURRENT ACTIVATING FORCE CONTAINED IN SEXUAL FLUIDS: Yoga and God-realization requires the gradual liberation of the powerful driving force at the base of the spine which is, as you know, very closely tied in with the reproductive function. If that driving force be all used up in sexual stimulation, there would simply no longer be much power left at the base of the spine to be used for achieving lasting bliss and enjoying higher states of consciousness, or anything else for that matter. All of one's sexual energy is essential for finding God; there is, as far as I know, no other way around this problem! Ojas is a vital spiritual substance created by conserved sexual fluids that gives one tremendous benefits. Ojas comes from weeks and weeks of conserved and carefully transmuted sexual energy and is absolutely required for living constantly in higher states of spiritual joy and love.

The vast majority of men and women are, through sexual relations, losing the very thing he or she needs most to feel real, lasting satisfaction. The vital life-current activating force or essence in the vital fluids can be of tremendous benefit to the glands and nervous system if these fluids are conserved and reabsorbed through the process of Tantra and transmutation. Conservation makes it much easier to be content with very little and results in much greater sensitivity to those things that bring joy, inspiration and happiness. What normally would bring little pleasure creates a lot of pleasure. As long as one's precious sexual fluids are maintained and not lost, one's sensitivity to all the pleasures of life and living grows.

The breathing exercises and meditation practices that I will be writing about require sexual energy to be effective and beneficial, and at the same time, is needed for transmutation. Successful control of the senses requires strict control of the mind gained through long periods of concentration in the third eye and inner sounds through meditation. Depending on how one uses this information, one can free oneself more and more from the need of physical sex to find a superior and long lasting fulfillment through conservation and transmutation. Why go for the temporary excitement of sensual pleasure (loss of vital fluids) if it is possible to enjoy long periods of bliss, joy and experiences of profound spiritual inspiration, oneness or wholeness? Perfect, uninterrupted celibacy, if skillfully managed, can also mean a lifetime of uninterrupted joy, bliss, vitality, virility, better health, inner strength, greater memory, wondrous mental powers, and transcendental enchantment inevitably leading to some very high states of conscious realization. In this lifestyle, temporary thrills are sacrificed for constant joy.

1.3: LIFE-STYLE OF TRANSMUTATION, IS IT POSSIBLE?: As one's diet becomes purer and purer, and leads a lifestyle of regular meditation (perhaps high up in the mountains, desert or forest), and applies all the other principles of yoga and wholeness, it may be possible to live a life of perfect joy, celibacy and contentment. It would be hard to describe how wonderful living in a higher level of consciousness and bliss could be! A master of yoga once said: "You really get to enjoy what it is to be a man or a woman." The fulfillment manifests as an inner joy freeing one of a dependency on outer, inferior pursuits and desires. The longer one lives this way, the more sense it seems to make. One may notice an increase in sense of humor and zest for life. It is easier to internalize and go deeply within, even during busy, stressful times and places. Meditation becomes a very exciting thing to look forward to because concentration is easier; one can go very deep and enjoy more benefit. Conserved sexual energy provides much more vital life force energy to work with to achieve one's spiritual goals and happiness. This is an ideal lifestyle to work toward, but one is to never, ever go directly against the overwhelming force to procreate. All the drives of the lower nature must be spiritually transformed by dissolving them through healthy diet, botanicals, water fasting, and long periods of deep, inner communion with nature, bioelectricity (prana), and God. All that I write about to help one find wholeness is interdependent. Not one aspect can easily stand on its own. Everything must be combined to bring about the desired results, and maintaining an uninterrupted, inward-directed blissful transmutation of sexual energy can be tricky business for one who must live in the busy heart of "civilization", no doubt about that!

1.4: SOME OF THE SIMULTANEOUS CONDITIONS REQUIRED FOR TRANSMUTATION: Pleasurable and comfortable transmutation requires at least several simultaneous conditions: A) Complete release of tension throughout every part of body either through yoga postures or vibration. B) Breathing exercises or "pranayama" while concentrating your mind on the third eye or Ajna center. C) Vital nutritional support, especially with those supplements and generous quantities and variety of herbs (botanicals) that increase and improve circulation and especially those herbs known to be "adaptogenic." D) Acidophilus, Kombucha, or better yet: Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO's replace toxic microbes while creating transmuting joy and well-being through purification of digestive system.) E) Regular outdoor recreation and exercise in a natural setting (especially early in the morning) where there is much vibrant "bioplasmic" energy in the air. F) Daily fasting on purified (or ionized) water. G) Single-pointed intense concentration, love, devotion and yearning for God. H) Perfect concentration on the inner Sounds (Holy Spirit) and Light of God through third eye while completely renouncing/forgetting all desires, attachments, etc. I) And a spiritually uplifting (light), high water content whole food diet consisting of finely chopped raw vegetables, sauerkraut, whole ground oats, nut and seed milks, whole raw egg milk, food grade yeast, fruit and vegetable juices. Warning: avoid solid, concentrated or heavy food such as cheeses, butters, breads, oils, sugar, dried fruit, canned fish, chicken, and especially red meat because these foods seem to stop or disrupt transmutation and spiritual peace quite drastically.

Go here for a vital update on the most perfect regimen yet discovered that can create amazingly deep levels of bliss, celibacy and transmutation.

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Get this invaluable two-volume series for a ridiculoulsly low cost! This manuscript starts off with the spiritual life story of Yogi Shaktivirya and how he struggled to achieve transmutation of sexual energy and wholeness. Then he covers several different but interdependent subjects including spiritual nutrition, celibacy, transmutation, meditation and enlightenment. This utterly wonderful and unique two-volume series contains what I believe to be all the knowledge needed to achieve a much more fulfilling, longer and joyful life, starting with the redirection of one's libido and eventually progressing more and more toward religious ecstasy, higher consciousness, and attunement with the innermost core of one's being: the eternal Self within. The first part will discuss mainly the importance of conserving, containing and transmuting sexual desires into a more expansive energy for a wonderful state of enlightenment. Transmutation can be achieved through special herbs, healthy diet, water, exercise, yoga postures, deep relaxation, vibration, concentration, and a certain form of breathing exercises.

1.5: ONE MUST MEDITATE ON THE CHAKRAS AND GUIDE KUNDALINI ACTIVITY THROUGH CONCENTRATION: It is important to, at first, become familiar with yoga and to regularly practice meditation on all the chakras. Certain kinds of breathing exercises (which you will learn more about in the following lessons) cause the Kundalini to awaken, and therefore the energy must be consciously directed up through the chakras toward the third eye and crown chakra at the top of the head. The mind must never wander in its concentration during a breathing exercise. It would be wise to develop as soon as possible concentration and focusing of one's mind on a single spot. Learn how to gaze steadily at the third eye and become one with it while keeping all other thoughts from intruding. Start doing this for at least 15 minutes a day.

Meditation is the best time ever to train the mind to internally renounce all desires. Desires, egoism, lust, greed, attachments, envy, selfishness, immoderate likes and dislikes, etc. must all be completely discarded! One must do this constantly until all barriers have finally been dissolved resulting in the reward of everlasting love and fulfillment through God-realization. The art of successful self-purification is another essential skill needed to be learned and is a vital part of transmutation. It is hoped that the reader is already familiar with the Yama and Niyamas from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. If not, please go here.

I hope all this material is taken to heart and becomes a lifetime of immense benefit to you. There is no words to describe how much bliss and profound states of fulfillment I am experiencing from a life-long commitment to its practice! "Celibacy" is only one essential component in an entire system that includes adaptogenic herbs and other botanicals, whole food diet, meditation, water fasting, and pure lifestyle resulting in a most pleasant transmutation of sexual energy! If you understand and follow through on all essentials correctly, you will feel like ten trillion dollars.


Kundalini Yoga is a part of the tantric tradition. Even though you may have already been introduced to yoga, it is necessary to know something about tantra also. Since ancient times, the wise have realized that mind can be expanded and that experiences do not necessarily depend on the object. This means that if somebody is playing music, I can hear it, and if somebody has painted a picture, I can see it, but I can also see if there is no picture, and I can also hear if there is no music. This is also a quality of man's personality which has been ignored in the last 150 to 200 years. This Book presents a systematic and pragmatic approach to the awakening of kundalini, which arouses greater intelligence from it's sleep and you can give birth to a new range of creativity.
Kundalini Tantra


by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Science of Wholeness: Part Two - Contents                 The Science of Wholeness: Part One - Contents

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