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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


. . . is to privide to you in easy to understand terms the KEYS to WHOLENESS. No matter what your problem, need or lack may be, this book could help find fresh new ideas in answer to your quest for a better, vastly more fulfilling way to live. If you are still not satisfied with other systems you have followed and you want to try something new, then these KEYS are probably exactly what you have been looking for. Wholeness should satisfy all your desires.

What is wholeness? The definition of wholeness would be the quality of perfect health, free of disease: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I would also like to describe wholeness as the state of having no barriers, walls or blockages between one's self and God, and as being a fully functional God-realized being in the most yogic sense of the word: God-realized or Self-realized. Also there would be no time limit to such a state. It would go on forever. Ideally, wholeness is a way of life that is forever care-free, worry free and full of joy.

There is in all souls, the potential to be something much more than just ordinary mortal human. There is always in each person the possibility of inner unfoldment into a profound new life of bliss, joy, love, and realization of a whole new inner dimension that extends far back into the mysterious realms of who and what we really are, including where we go when the mortal body ceases to function. The true yogi is aware of his soul as eternal, pure and painless, and it is obvious to himself that the body is only a garment and one of many that it has worn.

Wholeness is being able to rise above the limitations and disruptions of physical and egoistic living, and living from a quiescent point of consciousness deep inside ourselves that's always in bliss, wonder and infinite joy.

Ultilizing the knowledge I discovered through great pains, trials and errors, I'm quite confident anyone can achieve these states of inner joy and freedom. I strongly feel if I can do it, you sure can. With the horrible nervous sufferings and lifetime depressions I've been forced to bear up to, I am really the worst candidate for any sort of spiritual realization. I also feel I lack self-discipline. In spite of everything, I have been able to enjoy truly wonderful and consistent results! Whatever your situation must be, I'm sure, somehow you can benefit just by carefully applying the revolutionary, new, innovative, and experimental knowledge and techniques in this book.

I'm hoping the reader is a responsible, mature person with good common and moral sense and that all the necessary precautions will be followed. I have written on the front page (Table of Contents, Part One) a "Disclaimer" just to be on the safe side. To fully appreciate the value of this book does require some experience and knowledge in the field of yoga and meditation.

Happy journeys to you, pioneer on the path to wholeness!

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A strong look into the profound mysteries of the spirit: A Journey To Higher Consciousness by educator and public lecturer Ford Johnson ably attempts to put together answers for the most profound and universal questions such as: Why are we here? Is there a spiritual purpose to life? The author's personal and diverse journeys in search of God have taken him from the Christian church, to studies in Transcendental Meditation, Rosicrucianism, Yoga, and more. Johnson's catalyzed search for reality and pursuit of truth are quite candidly and articulately recounted, and taken together, provide the reader with a strong look into the profound mysteries of the spirit and their impact on human life in the present. Confessions Of A God Seeker is especially recommended for students of Religion, Spirituality, and Metaphysics -- Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) Dec. 14, 2003.

Confessions of a God Seeker
by Ford Johnson

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The Science of Wholeness: Part Two - Contents                The Science of Wholeness: Part One - Contents

Introduction: Part I     The Purpose of this Book    Lesson #1: Sex and Spirituality, Transmuting Sexual Energy    Lesson #2: The Essential Role of Diet in Emotional Transformation    Lesson #3: Water, Exercise and Fresh air in Healthy Transmutation   Lesson #4: Using Vibration for Most Effective Transmutation Lesson #5: The Practice of "Lama Yoga" Breathing Exercises   Lesson #6: Sex and Spirituality, Self Control Sex    Lesson #7: Love and Spiritual Marriage    Lesson #8: Higher Chakras

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(4) Fasting, Living on Water          (5) Environmental Issues and Concerns          (6) NDE's and the Afterlife

(7) Faith, Creation & Dimensions         (8) The Science of Wholeness I & II          (9) Prana & Sexual Energy

(10) Ka Gold and the Kabbalah      (11) Wholeness as a Visual Experience      (12) Contribute to Wholeness

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