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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


4.1: "VIBRATION" MEDITATION FOR TRANSMUTATION: Spiritual energy can come from conserving one's sexual (vital) fluids and transmuting the sexual tension into bliss through meditation or deep relaxation on a vibrating mat. This method of shaking lose all tension creates a feeling of tingling and "numbness" in all the parts of the body where vibration is conducted and channeled so well that sexual energy expands or dissolves into an ever increasing radius of bliss and becomes free to move up the spine. Eventually, one can live in ecstasy. The kundalini and lower chakras are fairly well stimulated by this method. Each chakra emits its own melody of sounds. I would often hear the navel center with its extremely beautiful harplike sound rather clearly during deep relaxation right after switching the vibration off.

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FOR YOUR INTEREST: I would like to go into what the sounds of each chakra are: 1) The base chakra (earth or coccygeal center) sounds like the hum of a bumblebee; 2) The second chakra (water or sacral center) has a flutelike sound; 3) The thrid chakra (fire or lumbar center) emits the melody of a harp; 4) The fourth chakra (air or dorsal center) creates a bell-like sound; 5) The fifth chakra (etheric or cervical center at the base of the neck) emanates the sound of rushing waters; 6) At the sixth chakra (third eye center and its polar opposite, the medulla oblongata) the Om sound is heard which is the most most important sound of all and includes the combination of all the above sounds.

4.2: YOU CAN USE VIBRATION FOR DYNAMIC, FAST DEEP RELAXATION AND INSTANT TRANSMUTATION. Vibration, a wonderful, instant and easy way to deep, deep relaxation, can be an effective tool for transmutaton, and works by releasing and transforming all sexual tension into bliss so that it becomes easier to rechannel sexual desires into a more expansive and useful type of feeling. The tension-releasing benefits of vibration to meditation, deep relaxation, and especially transmutation are great. However it will not always work or be effective if all the essential dietary and fasting aspects of wholeness are ignored. There are many other factors required (covered on all other pages of this book) for bliss to rise up the spine. The depth and length of time of one's rush of bliss is entirely dependent on how well tuned one already is through yoga and by how closely, thoroughly, and faithfully one is following the pure Science of Wholeness lifestyle.

Commercial vibrating mattresses that easily fit over your existing mattress or bed are available. The product shown below hopefully has the kind of vibration rate(s) needed for helping transmutation. (I have not ordered one so I am not absolutely certain. If you happen to have tried one yourself, I DEFINITELY would like to know how effective this and/or any other related commercial product is for the purpose of transmutation!

Contact Me Here Regarding Any Effective Products For Whole Body Transmutation

To get one quickly, you can order a MAT MASSAGER from right now. The one below is just an example and shown for your convenience. There are several kinds available through and at other stores.
Homedics MM-100H Mat Massager 5-Motor...

Because I'm somewhat mechanically minded and did not want to spend too much money, I found it very easy to make my own massage machine just from an old fan and some nylon cord! To create the vibration, I use an electric fan with the blades removed and replaced with a small pendulum or light weight attached to a short, stiff wire one to three inches long which is, in turn, attached to the propeller shaft. The motor will vibrate at a frequency that is slower if the weight is heavier or attached to a longer wire, while a shorter wire or lighter weight will cause it to vibrate faster or at a higher frequency. A large, powerful 14 inch fan would be best to convert. It should be removed from stand and mounted securely to the side of a thick, but light and bouncy bed mattress with a thick cloth or material (I use carpet) between the cage and mattress to protect it from continuous rubbing. I removed every unecessary part of my fan, (even parts of the motor!) that could rattle or add unwanted weight. To prevent further rattling, I rigged it with nylon cord and wire from the rear end of the motor to the outskirts of the cage or fan housing. I prefer to make it vibrate as briskly, yet as quiet as possible, because I meditate while it is on.

Read The Science of Wholeness Part One on Kindle!

Get this invaluable two-volume series for a ridiculoulsly low cost! This manuscript starts off with the spiritual life story of Yogi Shaktivirya and how he struggled to achieve transmutation of sexual energy and wholeness. Then he covers several different but interdependent subjects including spiritual nutrition, celibacy, transmutation, meditation and enlightenment. This utterly wonderful and unique two-volume series contains what I believe to be all the knowledge needed to achieve a much more fulfilling, longer and joyful life, starting with the redirection of one's libido and eventually progressing more and more toward religious ecstasy, higher consciousness, and attunement with the innermost core of one's being: the eternal Self within. The first part will discuss mainly the importance of conserving, containing and transmuting sexual desires into a more expansive energy for a wonderful state of enlightenment. Transmutation can be achieved through special herbs, healthy diet, water, exercise, yoga postures, deep relaxation, vibration, concentration, and a certain form of breathing exercises.

4.3: WARNING: OBSERVE FOLLOWING PRECAUTIONS! Obviously when trying to build and use your own unit from parts of an electric fan there is risk of injury, fire and electrical shock if all necessary precautions and common sense are not religiously followed. Keep bed sheets away from motor and never sleep with it on as motor could overheat and start a fire. Also sleeping with it on could make your nerves too accustomed to the vibration.

4.4: CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS AND IMPORTANCE OF REMOTE CONTROL SWITCH: If you like to be creative you could use two vibration units simultaneously because of a beautiful "stereophonic" effect they can have. In this case, I try to set them at close to the same speed and the effect is most amazing!

Also, one may use two mattresses (two beds) placed together: one with the vibration units at the foot end of the bed and at the head end, a mattress without the units attached. I discovered early in my experiments that my head is very sensitive to too much vibration. The smooth vibrations are extremely soothing to the rest of the body, but to my head, they can occasionally start to sound and feel like a jackhammer. It never makes sense to make oneself feel uncomfortable, so keep the head away from the machines and, if you like, on a separate mattress if possible.

Another thing I like to have, is a remote control device. When I do deep relaxation, I can turn the system on and off virtually at will without having to move a single muscle except the slight movement of my thumb on a tiny, wireless remote-control switch. This switch enables me to enjoy even deeper and more profound relaxation that can come right after the vibrations stop. Then I can start the whole thing up again and repeat the process without having to move hardly at all--a very important advantage!

4.5: "OH GOD, I'M NOT GOING TO GET A VIBRATION SYSTEM!" If you really think all this vibration stuff is a little weird (well isn't this whole book refreshingly different?) and too much trouble, you can still benefit from the combination of all the many other factors I mention on other pages. Such a device, when used in combination with all the other "keys" to wholeness, can be a wonderful way to instantly remove tension and help relax you into deeper meditaions.

An important note: If I know human nature as well as I think I do, I believe very few people are going to do everything in this book. Most worldly, complacent people resist violently the thought of conserving sexual fluids. They are convinced right from the start that there is simply no way one can avoid losing or even want to conserve vital fluids. They would rather remain stuck in their prison (see "PRISON EARTH" down below) not knowing just how urgent and serious their situation really is. How can others can be so content to spend the rest of their lives not knowing or even caring to know about how to find God? It is as if I'm on one side of a great chasm and everyone else is on the other side with no hope or desire of ever making it across. One reason for this resistence is thinking that one must make one impossibly huge leap across this canyon. My book should serve as a bridge from one side to the other. Why not simply go step by step acoss this bridge at your own pace? There is no rush, take your time. By repeating the same experiments I have performed, you will eventually realize just how much you have been missing! It is most important that you find this fact out for yourself, rather than just believe or disbelieve me. Conservation and transmutation is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.


The channeling or transforming of sexual energy into lasting "kundalini" bliss would be a wonderful joy to achieve. Outer or physical sexual release is to be replaced or transmuted (transformed) into longer and longer periods of samadhi or "inner sex" which is a vastly superior form of "sex" for lack of a better word. So sex is never to be repressed or ignored, it is to be conserved, converted, nurtured and transformed inwardly into intense, lasting ecstasy through deep meditation, vibration, diet, supplements, antioxidants, aphrodisiac herbs, circulation, acidophilus, fasting, ionized water, etc.

VAST is the difference between inner JOY and the addiction to outward pleasures:

Inner JOY is achieved through concentration on the third eye and the Sounds of God.
Sensual addiction happens through attachment to the physical body and sensual objects.
Inner JOY builds up and nurtures the soul.
Sensual addiction tears down and weakens the spirit.
Inner JOY is following the Supreme Commandment to love God with all one's heart.
Sensual addiction can lead to adultery, promiscuity and other regretful sins.
Inner JOY is the way of chastity, loyalty, and purity.
Sensual addiction leads to the loss of one's most valuable possession.
Inner JOY requires the conservation of one's most valuable resource.
Sensual addiction NEVER satisfies permanently.
Inner JOY is enjoyed forever in every cell of one's body.
Sensual addiction is relief for a very short time in only a limited part of one's anatomy.
Inner JOY is the key to salvation, God-realization and the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sensual addiction creates temporary excitement followed by sorrow and disappointment.
Inner JOY creates lasting joy building up to ever new dimensions of love and happiness.
Sensual addiction is the loss of sexual fluids and libido.
Inner JOY is the gaining of ojas, sexual power and virility.
Sensual addiction can lead to mental and physical health problems.
Inner JOY can heal mental and physical health problems.
Sensual addiction leads to lasting depression and anxiety.
Inner JOY leads to lasting joy and inner strength.
Sensual addiction always leaves one wanting for more.
Inner JOY completely and permanently satisfies all desires.
Sensual addiction leaves one empty and weak.
Inner JOY keeps one fulfilled and strong.
Sensual addiction tends to bring one toward premature suffering, disease and death.
Inner JOY tends to bring one toward permanent happiness, rejuvenation, and immortality.
Sensual addiction is the way of ignorance and compulsion.
Inner JOY is the way of wisdom and self-control.
Sensual addiction is nature's way of keeping one bound to ego, suffering, pain and misery.
Inner JOY is the way to liberation from all attachments, suffering, pain and misery.
Sensual addiction is what keeps the soul bound to the evolutionary laws of nature.
Inner JOY is the only way the soul can free itself from nature's harsh restrictions.
Sensual addiction is what keeps one bound to "Prison Earth" and all the rounds of birth, suffering and death.

WELCOME TO PRISON EARTH! (The Madness of It All!)

The way of the world: the only pleasure I get from this world is by making fun of it! As long as we are not interested in transmutation or yoga, etc. we remain prisoners of this earth as slaves of sensual pleasures and full of physical/emotional pains. How utterly pathetic is the human condition! What are we but bags of bones (living corpses) chasing after other bags of bones and this latest thing and that "got to have" thing, etc. ... and going around and around ... after what?! There is no end to the cycles of birth, suffering and death. Can things be more absurd? What are we REALLY chasing after? Where are we going? Who or what are we really serving? Nature? Our minds? Our senses? Or other people who are just other sense-bound slaves of their illusury egos stuck in mortal prisons of their own? We strive to do the best we can to make our prisons as pretty as possible. Maybe some luxuries here and there (if we can afford it) or something fun to help pass the time would be nice. Help pass the time? Yes we are indeed doing (serving) time here up to our final and much dreaded execution date! Then our souls are called away by the angel of death to another subtler prison when the body can no longer sustain us. A very long time is then spent in more heavenly or subtler prisons and not so heavenly prisons and often hellish ones for those who are careless. Even one's time in heaven has to ultimately end and must come back to be born again as another victim of karma with a new name (even a new species sometimes) and must grow up and suffer all over again! How cruel, how pathetic! Oh sad indeed is the lot of human existence and the madness of it all! To pay off their karmic debt, the greatest steak lovers must come back as cows to be slaughtered and eaten by future beef loving humans who in turn must die and come back as cows so that they too get the honor of being eaten! After all someone has to provide the flesh to keep the slaughter houses in business!

How much of the above do you really need to worry about? Read Confessions of a God Seeker and find out exactly what is true and what is not and how many religions and spiritual paths manipulate us into believing whatever they want us to believe:

A strong look into the profound mysteries of the spirit: A Journey To Higher Consciousness by educator and public lecturer Ford Johnson ably attempts to put together answers for the most profound and universal questions such as: Why are we here? Is there a spiritual purpose to life? The author's personal and diverse journeys in search of God have taken him from the Christian church, to studies in Transcendental Meditation, Rosicrucianism, Yoga, and more. Johnson's catalyzed search for reality and pursuit of truth are quite candidly and articulately recounted, and taken together, provide the reader with a strong look into the profound mysteries of the spirit and their impact on human life in the present. Confessions Of A God Seeker is especially recommended for students of Religion, Spirituality, and Metaphysics -- Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) Dec. 14, 2003.

Confessions of a God Seeker
by Ford Johnson

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