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15.1: LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT BIOELECTRICITY: Life would be impossible without chemical electricity. Electrochemistry is not only the basis of nerve cell communication, it is also the power behind chemical reactions and how they all harmoniously integrate the immensely complex processes of life itself. Hormones regulate the behavior of cells and therefore the behavior of the body as a whole. However, if it where not for the electric charges that hormones carry between cells, hormones would have no effect on other cells whatsoever. Communication would be impossible.

15.2: ELECTRIC CHARGES ARE THE ESSENCE OF BIOCHEMISTRY: The entire metabolic engine of life runs on various kinds of chemicals each with minute electric charges. These charges are what cause the various chemicals of life to interact by either combining, creating new substances and dissolving wastes. It is the electric charges of all the various chemical substance throughout the physical body that make up the power of life itself. Because water carries ions so well, electrolyte minerals dissolved in water can conduct electricity very easily. The essence of physical life consists of an infinite variety of various complex electrical circuits that constantly change from moment to moment in their vital attempt to adapt to the ever-changing cycles of life. Prana seems to be one and the same thing as the electrical circuitry of life.

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Various kinds and frequencies of electrical currents have been used for more than a century to aid in the healing process of the body and to alleviate various diseases ranging from cancer to parasites. There are many books on this subject and various inventors have come up with devices that can send electrical impulses through electrodes placed on parts of the body. One of the most commons uses of such devices is the alleviation of pain without drugs.

15.3: ELECTRICITY CAN BE USED TO REJUVENATE CELLS AND TRANSMUTE: One can rejuvenate cells using electricity, supplements, and sexual energy. It is possible to rejuvenate an older body back to a more youthful level of functioning. This "miracle" of cell rejuvenation is feasible at any age through using various adaptogenic herbs, antioxidants, ionized water, conservation of sexual energy and regular bathing in a tub that is infused with 6 to 12 volts direct current electrical energy from a battery. Direct current electricity can be used to create the most perfect sexual transmutation and kundalini action I have ever known, resulting in immense bliss and inner joy. The circulation to all major organs is improved quite dramatically.

15.4: USE ELECTRICAL CURRENTS WITH CAUTION: Obviously one must be very, very careful when experimenting with water and small amounts of electricity! If there were no potential hazards or dangers naturally inherent in combining electricity and water I would be recommending this technique all over the internet, because the benefits are tremendous and quite revivifying. One must be very careful when exposing the body to electricity, even small amounts can cause skin burns, skin dryness and muscle contractions. Because the heart is one huge muscle, a direct encounter with even a small amount of electricity and the heart can be fatal. One must therefore take all precautions and use good common sense.

15.5: MUST BE USED IN COMBINATION WITH HERBS, WATER FASTING, AND A WHOLE FOOD DIET: The scientifically documented rejuvenating effects of direct current electricity on the body cells can be read about in The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden. However, electricity on its own may have little or no noticable positive effect unless one also fasts regularly on ionized water, conserves sexual energy, meditates successfully with intense concentration, and consumes for breakfast (on an empty stomach) to the exclusion of all other food: fruit juice, kombucha, adaptogenic herbs (ginger, ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, maca, saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, etc.), a whole spectrum of brain and nerve building supplements, vitamins, green powders, protein powder, and vegetable juice.

Celibacy & Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Just as humankind has learned to master and control many natural forces in the world, a yogi (or yogini) is a very special (and unfortunately rare) individual who's inclination is to control and master the inner forces of nature, such as thoughts, emotions, cravings, and desires, especially the biological force of sexual energy. The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana. The transmutation of sex into inner peace, bliss, joy and love is the wonderful end result. One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy. However, when sexual energy is lost in the process of reproductive activity, the spiritual life suffers.

Duke Power Energy Exploratorium, Electricity
Duke Power Energy Exploratorium, Electricity Photographic Print
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15.6: BIOELECTRICITY FOR INCREDIBLE YOGA AND MEDITATION: Can bioelectricity be used for meditation and yoga? Yes, the potential for this largely undiscovered territory is huge! An interesting use of bioelectricity can be as an aid to transmutation or redirection of the outward flow of sexual desires into great inner fulfillment. Electricity can be used to create an "artificial" kundalini current up the spine and leave one so fulfilled it makes it even easier and even more fulfilling to be "celibate" or free of the annoying tendencies to lose vital sexual fluid. Then it becomes so natural to meditate intensely and fully, or live in bliss all the time, especially noticeable when walking outside in nature. It also seems to boost self-confidence (a real problem I had suffered from since elementary school), and mental clarity which I think is awesome.

15.7: HUGE BENEFITS ARE POSSIBLE, BUT ONE MUST BE CAUTIOUS: The benefits are huge, sexually revitalizing, and simply overwhelming. But like I said before, the use of bioelectricity to create an "artificial" kundalini current is deep in "pioneer" or unknown territory. All kinds of effects are possible, and like a motor vehicle, it can get one very, very far but can also result in a fatal collision if the driver is careless, falls asleep at the wheel, or gets distracted by the cell phone! In a similar manner, it is extremely important to stay alert while using electricity.

15.8: WITH EXPERIENCE, ONE LEARNS HOW TO USE THE RIGHT AMOUNT: I have used this method of direct current for over 16 years (at least since 1994 and for 30 minutes to 6 hours) with no serious side-effects except some dryness of skin and red rashes, if I over did it, which always went away or the skin cells naturally adapted so there would be no such symptoms later on. One can usually tell if too much electricity is being applied right away. If one feels too much tingling, too much discomfort of any sort, simply back off until one can get used to it or more adapted to it. If it causes deep muscle contractions, cramps, etc., that may indicate far too much power being used.

The actual material I use is two naked copper wire electrodes (as thick as possible) attached to each side of a 12 volt direct current electric source such as a 4 amp car battery charger. Platinum coated titanium electrodes would be best, so that no heavy metals leach into the water. This experiment I am not recommending to anyone, but mentioning it anyway if you are brave enough to try it at your own risk. One might try ordinary 12 volt batteries instead, or two large 6 volt dry cells attached together. It is essential that one has basic electrical knowledge and experience while doing this type of experiment. Always only start with much lower voltages and currents (by using very small electrodes at first) and gradually work up to higher ones by using larger, more extensive electrodes. Never go higher than 12 volts and 4 amps direct current! Alternating current may not be as beneficial.

DANGER - 27,600 Volts One needs to start by filling two bowls with ordinary warm tap water and one electrode (starting with less than an inch, then later on, several inches) on each side. Place one hand in one bowl and gradually place the other hand in the other bowl. It will tingle, and will gradually have an interesting, pleasant effect. It is essential to fully understand it, get used to it, etc., before trying it in the bath tub. The negative would then go at the base of the spine, and the positive charge near the top of the spine but not too close.

Remember there is always the ever-present danger of shocking one's self with too much current all at once which could be fatal, after all, this page is not meant to
be a chapter on how to have near-death experiences! Never try this sort of experiment during a thunder storm. There is the remote chance a power surge can come through and really upset things! I would recommend using a surge protector just in case.

Again, I cannot overemphasize the importance of proceeding only with great caution and essential knowledge of electrical currents on the human body. I also do not recommend this information for anyone under 18 years of age. There is a good reason why I made this the last chapter of this book.

One or more sessions of bioelectrical energy seems to enhance the ability to have or enjoy deep, vivid dreams later on after one retires for the night.

In conjuction with the aid of an astral projection CD or other technique, and after having had an exposure to some direct current bioelctricity, it may be possible to more easily astral project.

You can study the closely-guarded secrets of safely leaving your body and traveling anywhere you want to. Learn how to get free from your physical body limitations. Within 30-60 Days, fly over your city like a bird, go for skydiving, visit any planet, walk through walls, meet deceased loved ones, communicate with your spiritual guides... and much much more... I want you to experience astral projection naturally because I believe that astral projection is a natural ability we all possess. Learn astral projection the right way, without any side-effects. For a very limited time, you can download the first two chapters (30 pages) of Astral Projection Underground for free before deciding to purchase the entire eBook!

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The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (Paperback) editorial reveiw: In this landmark book, Robert O. Becker, M.D., a pioneer in the field of bioelectric science, presents a fascinating look at the role electricity plays in healing, challenging the traditional mechanistic model of the body. Colorful and controversial, this is a tale of engrossing research, scientific and medical politics, and breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body's healing powers. customer reveiw: By Anonymous (USA) - This is an amazing book. It's required reading. After watching a friends severed fingertip grow back (No it wasn't sewn on, it literally grew back with nail and all), this book goes right along with what I've seen with my own eyes.

The Body Electric
by Robert O. Becker, M.D.

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