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The Science of Wholeness: Part Two


14.1: JUST LIKE A NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE: When, after years of regular, daily concentration on the inner sounds of God, and light or the third eye, you are lifted into the gate of the third eye, you come to the threshold of a whole new dimension. Visions and memories of past lives can come forth. You become surrounded by a tunnel of energy, with a pulsating, misty white light at the end of it. The tunnel becomes vast, and the speed through it very rapid, with a sense of absolute wholeness and a great thrill of love, joy and freedom from the frustrating limitations of the physical body. The luminous astral form of your Master or mystic Guru carefully guides you up through vast realms of light and darkness until you are safely established in the highest cosmic planes such as "Sach Khand" or "Anami Lok" where the blinding powers of karma, maya, confusion, suffering, and reincarnation can no longer touch you.

14.2: HOLISTIC ENLIGHTENMENT IS LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH: If you think the above meditation is similar to a near-death experience, you are right. Strangely enough, the road to holistic enlightenment can be spiritually similar

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to dying, but instead of dying and going to heaven, you can return to your physical body with a part of heaven to enjoy here on earth! Real saints are natural "yogis" who instead of "waiting for God" to come take them at the end of life, they take control of and master death NOW and take full control their own eternal destiny rather than remain under the tyranical, diabolic forces of maya, nature, desires, ego and subsequent reincarnations. It is far better to go explore and master all the higher relms of "death" consciously, rather than just waiting for the grim reaper to come when one is still subconscious or semiconscious and still under the sway and mercy of one's animal nature. Everyone desperately neede to go there first and find out for themselves what the truth really is and what to do about it. What really needs doing? How does one REALLY find salvation? After all, once outside the body, it is possible to go find Jesus and ask him some questions!!!

Overcome the Fear of Death

Those few brave scientists, doctors and researchers willing to risk their careers and reputation to come up front with the most helpful and detailed explanations ever as to what to expect beyond the death the physical body, are often ridiculed by their contemporaries and put aside. Even worse too many physicians just emphasize that physical life is all there is, and no consciousness can possibly "escape" the confines of the physical brain, and when the physical brain dies, that's it, no more consciousness! In this great and terrible "valley of the shadow of death" I am simply appalled at the universal lack of understanding regarding spiritualism. So little is known about the reality of life after death, it is shocking.

14.3: WHEN THE THIRD EYE IS PENETRATED THEN THE REAL BLISS COMES: The experience is different from person to person, but the center of the third eye is a gateway to a higher plane of consciousness, where brilliant light is perceived and profound bliss explodes into every pore of one's being. To some it is like a little dot that one tries to penetrate, to others (especially at time of death) it becomes a brilliant opening into the astral heaven.

Once the third eye is opened, it becomes easy to see others who have passed on. Energy fields around living creatures become visible as pastel shades of radiant colors. Dreams may become astral experiences, and most wonderful of all, your beloved form of God becomes visible.

Death is no longer feared because it is routinely "experienced" daily in meditation. St. Paul used to say, "In Christ, I die daily." Why wait until you die? "Die daily" into the Christ Consciousness through advanced concentration, breath control and metabolic suspension.

14.4: THE CROWN CHAKRA OR THOUSAND PETALED LOTUS: Yoga reveals every chakra to have its own color along with a certain number of petals that open out when it is filled with energy from the kundalini. The awakened crown chakra emits pure, brilliant white light. When some people "die" and are resuscitated back to life, they report seeing a light brighter than the sun yet extremely soothing and blissful to look at and full of love, divine wisdom and intelligence. I believe this experience is due to the opening of the crown chakra which happens naturally when the soul's energy is no longer bound by breath to the physical body.

Like all the chakras, the crown chakra is part of the astral body and can be awakened once physical functions have ceased either through death or suspension of breath and metabolism through advanced meditation.

14.5: THE WHITE LIGHT AND RESURRECTIONS FROM THE DEAD: Some avatars didn't "treat" their "patients" until after they died. When Jesus resurrected Lazarus after being dead for four days, I could not help but feel strongly that Lazarus may have had quite a shock to be so fully awakened in death and then to have to come back to his limited physical prison! It is said he was depressed for a long time. Sorry for speculating: I'm assuming that he missed greatly the heavenly joy and freedom from the physical cage and hardships of earth life.

In AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Paramahansa Yogananda, there is a Chapter 32 called "Rama Is Raised from the Dead" in which Lahiri Mahasaya, a great Indian guru (1828-1895) resurrected a disciple named Rama after he died of Asiatic cholera and had just started to go into rigormortis. What Rama saw after he died was very interesting: "I saw Lahiri Mahasaya in a blaze of light! he cried. "He shone like the sun. 'Arise, forsake your sleep,' he commanded me."

14.6: WHAT IS THIS LIGHT MADE OF? God. It is God in His purest manifest form as a universal translucent energy. It is a healing energy from a boundless Source! In a sense, it is the goal of all life, and is the goal of these lessons. It is pure spiritual Power, the Power behind all religions. It is the Source of our consciousness, of our very being, and of Reality itself. However, there are many planes of consciousness from which one can access and experience this light which, until the highest plane is reached, is always a reflection from the light of yet a higher plane of existence.

14.7: MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF "LIGHT" AFTER THE DEATH OF A FELLOW STUDENT: One weekend in the fall of 1979, I fell asleep alone (I was often tired) in my upstairs bedroom during a meditation/deep relaxation practice. The next thing I knew, my heart chakra was being blasted by an immense power surge. So great was this power surge, it felt like I was hooked up to the entire Edison Power Company and that my chest was the light bulb! I struggled desperately not to explode! It was frightening enough to make me try to wake up out of my trance, but I couldn't.

My heart expanded into a vast white mist in all directions. All I could see was white everywhere. Then I saw my "friend" in most vivd detail sitting in meditation with a smile on his face and surrounded by all this white energy. I sensed some sort of message, something like "we are both spiritual beings, students from the same class, children of the one God." He wasn't exactly someone I knew very well--just a student in one of my classes at Orange Coast College--"Expanded Awareness in Literature" taught by a very open-mided English instructor.

When I came out of this strange experience, I thought that maybe this individual, who I knew only briefly, must have been doing some "heavy-duty" meditation at the same time I was and astral-projected to my place. Or why would I have such a strange vision of someone I hardly knew?

Back in class the next week, I received shocking news; the person I saw in my "vision" had died instantly in a terrible motorcycle accident three days before my unusual "meditation" experience. I knew little about him except regarding his interest in Saint Germain and his association with Elizabeth C. Prophet's "Soul Center Foundation."

Was this strange experience just a coincidence, or did he actually come back from the dead and blast me with an overwelming surge of white energy while in a deep trance?

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The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

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Walking in the Garden of Souls editorial reveiw: Someday we will return to a place of unfathomable beauty, where we live amongst all the beings we have ever loved, promises George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls. "It is a place we will see again only after our lifetime of struggle, hardship and hurt has earned us the reward of true and final peace." Our task is not to simply muddle through, waiting for our ticket to Eden, cautions Anderson. Rather, we must set out to create "a Garden on earth while we are here," meaning we must cultivate the same life we yearn for in the hereafter. As he did with Lessons from the Light, Anderson conveys messages from the departed to help us tend our garden. The advice ranges from how to plant hope in times of despair to how to water the seeds of compassion (it may start with placing money in a panhandler's palm). Sometimes the garden metaphor seems forced or clichéd. But overall, this is a book with honorable intentions, helping us understand the purpose of life on Earth. --Gail Hudson--

Walking in the Garden of Souls
by George Anderson

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