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Superhealth through modern alchemy.

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(Updated Sunday, June 4th, 2017) The Science of Wholeness: Part Two, LESSON 16:
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I am forever getting closer to the "Holy Grail" or the alchemical "Philosopher's Stone" of ultimate joy, wholeness and spiritual awakening. What is this "Holy Grail" I have been searching for so intensely since 1971? It is the ultimate key to the highest bliss, ecstasy, joy, love, fulfillment, the transcendence of all the physical limitations, and the total liberation of my spirit from all the incredibly annoying and frustrating physical limitations, ignorance, separation and evils of the material world.

I am still working on what I strongly feel aught to be considered the most emotionally fulfilling project in the history of humanity. The closest yet to fulfillment I ever achieved so far are the utterly priceless keys I am about to reveal to you here and now on this page as a result of over forty years of personal suffering, searching, diet research, trial and error.

I felt like I had been going around and around in circles for years trying to really figure out what truly is the most optimal and most healthy diet one could ever eat. It has been an emotional experience trying to obtain knowledge of what could perhaps lead to the most powerful diet ever for successful transmutation or total liberation of the sexual energy into unconditional love, incredible, unbounded joy, bliss, high-level wellness, enhanced spiritual awareness and astral travel.

Gold Bars Inside Safe
No one seems to understand just how critical and priceless is the information I am about to provide. Unfortunately nearly everyone just doesn't "get it." No amount of gold can ever be more vital than knowing how to live in intense joy and peace!  (Image provided by
For a very long time, nearly my entire life in fact, I suffered all manner of great emotional frustrations forcing me to search for wholeness through various religious and philosophical studies, and then mainly through the critical examination of yoga, spiritual diets, mental health, physiology, nutrition and biochemistry. It was as if when I was born, all the wiring, and everything about my self and society seemed all completely back-to-front, making me feel utterly out of place or out of tune with everything and everyone.

Having a hypersensitivity to most ordinary, and even wholesome and apparently natural foods most people eat every day seemingly without any negative effects caused me great confusion at first and, later on, great inconvenience and hunger as I tried to avoid these foods. I could clearly see that which I was always taught to be considered "normal food" (such as junk food and all milk and cereal products) is actually an abomination and a global catastrophe.

The standard western diet has turned out to be far too deficient of all the right substances and contains far too much of all the wrong substances, it is extremely unbalanced and undermines all that is good. Even worse, it creates an incredible and extremely costly dependency on deadly pharmaceuticals, physicians and all their expensive and utterly unnatural, painful and invasive "treatments" and technologies.

I had to tinker with and change my diet thousands of times throughout my life to find something that did not cause multiple problems such as frustrating fatigue, vertigo, inability to meditate or concentrate, depression, anxiety, inability to transmute (vital and important) and so on. I often regretted being born into this excruciatingly limited material world and spent most of my life desperately searching for REAL answers.

I gradually got better and better as I found more suitable diets that did not bother me as much as previous diets. Those combinations containing the most herbs, the most raw food, the most protein, the highest quality nutrition, the highest amount of probiotics, highest water content and, later on, no casein, no gluten, and the fewest lectins worked out the best.

I knew since 1977 it had to be something in the foods I was eating that caused most of my suffering, blocking my natural inner flow of prana and sense of well-being and keeping me feeling separate from God. It seemed, especially during my earlier years, that no matter what kind of diet I ate, whether it be a standard, vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian or whatever, I never felt right, and was just plain miserable, frustrated, exhausted, socially awkward and anxious all the time. I noticed I often felt much worse (always having to take a long nap and then waking up really groggy and frustrated) after consuming too much food, yet tended to feel better and more energetic after abstaining from eating for a while.

However, long periods of fasting would obviously result in tremendous hunger (of course) and therefore to my great chagrin I would need to stuff myself again with more food and therefore having to repeat over and over this extremely annoying cycle of hunger, consumption, tiredness and depression. This is why I am so deeply inspired by the often ridiculed idea of breatharianism. No matter how nutritious or good the meal, it still resulted in the same very frustrating symptoms and often prayed with all my heart and soul to have the ability to live without food and be freed forever from all the annoying expenses, inconveniences and health problems that naturally come with being addicted to so called "healthy" food.

Photo of a Paleo diet - fresh organic pasture-raised eggs, avocados, yam, beets, broccoli, red cabbage, cucumber, papaya, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, bee pollen, kombucha, and liquid acidophlus and Miracle 2000

The only recourse really, was to eat as little and as few times as possible, with a high water content, raw food (combined with daily fasting) approach to the problem, while getting most of my energy from prana and fresh drinking water throughout the day instead of snacking on food and beverages. Fortunately, I soon became familiar with the tremendous benefits of fasting as long as comfortable on large quantities of ionized or fresh spring mineral water between whole, complete meals while developing a keen awareness of how pure vital energy or prana can nourish the body instead of calories.

The digestive system only absorbs that which was dissolved in water and chemically broken down by enzymes anyway. Drinking loads of water between whole, complete meals increases the cleansing effect and health benefit of better utilizing one's digested food dramatically. The long, daily period of rest from eating between meals should be around 24 hours which is sufficient to allow enough time for many healing and regenertive processes to take place such as the reversal of tooth decay, gum problems, digestive problems, food sensitivities, various inflammatory diseases, joint pain, bone problems, etc. As a result, I am utterly free of so many common disease conditions!

My personal, life-long research involved identifying or separating those foods, herbs, vitamins and drinks that worked from those substances that did not work. Because of the enormous variety of substances available, and all the different diets and food combinations possible, it took me over half a century of continuous experimentation, countless books, and piles and piles of nutritional research to get as far along as I am now. The information you are about to read is utterly priceless and unique!

I finally came up with the following regimen, which has substantial benefits, such as extremely enhanced attraction and absorption of prana into every cell of the body resulting in very high, high levels of extremely efficient energy utilization, powerful transmutation, no more dental/bone/arthritis problems, more efficient sleep, wonderful dreams, amazing calmness, inner joy, cell rejuvenation, and deep, deep bliss all the time. It might even be a possible stepping stone toward breatharianism because I can now actually feel my cells being vitalized with such high energy and most remarkable ecstatic states of love, inner power and light that something greater and more spiritual than food seems to be giving me this energy in the form of much greater digestive and metabolic efficiency.

Seven Steps to Wholeness is More Than Just a Diet!
This book has to be one of the most undervalued and unappreciated breakthrough materials ever discovered! Learn how to save thousands of dollars per year in medical and dental bills. Learn how to stop and even reverse the aging process. This guide will be thousands of times more valuable than what you paid for it! Save yourself from massive amounts of anxiety, fear, depression and all other forms of suffering. The healing power of continuous fasting with alkaline mineral water between high antioxidant, gluten free, lectin free, casein free, advanced nutrition, raw food meals is awesome! You will learn about which foods contain the best and most quantities of antioxidants and why. After mastering the diet, you will then be ready to experience amazing bliss through transmutation of conserved sexual energy, deep meditation, pranic nourishment, and samadhi. This book will guide you to some of the most pleasant states of being ever and explain how to stay in deep joy permanently while attracting much finer experiences of life. For the most incredible breathtaking breakthrough in the history of your life, Go here for more info.

Here's my Latest Spiritual Diet for 2017: I've included on the right side of this page ads containing clear images of most of the foods, super foods, supplements, and some of the most important herbs and spices included in the regimen to help you clearly see what the exact foods, supplements, and substances used for my diet look like.

My current and most successful regimen involves fasting as long as comfortable between whole, complete meals using alkaline mineral or negatively ionized water while avoiding three deadly common food substances: casein, gluten and lectins. The idea is to eat more (complete) nutrition less often while drinking more water between meals more often while extending the fasts between meals as long as is comfortable while having as much variety of different natural whole foods as reasonably possible except to avoid all dairy products, whole grains, nuts, seed, and legumes. As long as all the components of the digestive system are properly rested for long enough of a time between meals, and while avoiding all of the above three deadly food substances and other naturally occurring anti-nutrients, an amazing rejuvenation of the body can occur, starting with all the components of the digestive system including the lips, teeth, gums, esophagus, stomach, upper and lower intestines, and moving over into all the rest of the vital organs of the body such as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, circulation, etc.

Paleo meal in a Bowl - bee pollen, pine pollen, and chlorella, with blended blackberries, blueberries, ginger root, lettuce, beet, red cabbage, red onion, and kombucha covering one whole sliced and mashed avocado

AVOID CASEIN WHICH IS FOUND IN ALL MILK PRODUCTS: I've mentioned in the past that live kefir or raw yogurt is another great source of live probiotic cultures. HOWEVER any milk product from cows, goats, etc. can cause health problems because they all contain the addictive protein substance, casein which is responsible for all manner of serious inflammatory diseases such degenerative arthritis, headaches, chronic back pains, neck pains, and emotional imbalances. I am not at all sure about milk from raw, grass-fed animals, however. I'd rather be on the safe side and simply not consume any cow milk or goat milk no matter how raw or how cultured it might be.

AVOID GLUTEN WHICH IS FOUND IN ALL WHOLE-GRAINS: Gluten, unfortunately, is another insidious health-destroying substance which is probably even worse than casein and there is not just one kind. There are many different types of gluten which lurk in all whole grain products from grasses including wheat, smelt, triticale, barley, rye, oats, rice, corn and millet. Even so called "healthy" pseudo grains, non-grass seeds and legumes such as buckwheat (the seed from a vegetable not at all related to wheat), split peas, lentils, garbanzo beans, and quinoa, even though not at all related to the common grains from grasses, still contain other versions of very damaging glutens and potentially harmful lectins. Best to use large amounts cooked (and small amounts raw) butternut, acorn and/or spaghetti squash and cooked yams in place of whole grains. Avoid potatoes (also tomatoes and eggplant) which are a member of the nightshade family and therefore very high in lectins.

TRY TO AVOID MOST LECTINS WHICH LURK MAINLY IN THE SEEDS OF PLANTS: Lectins (not to be confused with leptin, lactose, or pectin) like gluten, are linked to food allergies, food sensitivities, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. For example, lectins, like gluten, are linked to celiac disease. Even weight problems and low energy are linked to lectins.

Whole grains, peanuts, kidney beans, and especially soybeans are all high in lectins. I already mentioned whole grains which are bad enough because they're already high in glutens, but peanuts (known to cause colon cancer) and kidney beans do not belong in this diet anyway. However, it would be easier to eliminate all foods high in lectins by replacing them with high healthy fat non-seed food such as avocado and by getting more of your protein from raw eggs, bee pollen, pine pollen, chlorella, and spirulina rather than from meat, grains, nuts, seed, and legumes.

Because lectins can be found in almost every plant food we eat (not all are bad either) it would be important to improve one's natural protection from them using regular, broad-spectrum probiotic cultures which are needed to keep the production going in the intestines of two lectin protective substances: mucin and secretory IgA. IT IS ESSENTIAL to replace all gluten and lectin seed foods with other starchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, dark red beets, and yams or sweet potato (but NOT nightshade potatoes!)

For your benefit, an excellent information site on lectins, glutens, etc. can be found here: This site explains quite well exactly what one is dealing with, and helps one to make much more informed decisions in how to indentify and handle or eliminate such foods that are high in lectins and other insidious substances.

CONSUME AS MUCH RAW FOOD AS POSSIBLE: However there are precautions you must follow while preparing and consuming certain kinds of raw food. I recently found a connection between slightly old or fermented tropical fruit and diarrhea and/or experiencing a sense of unease or even anxiety. I also found raw eggs (if of poor quality, not organic, not free-range or pasture-raised, and/or too old) can induce diarrhea and/or anxiety for the same reason which indicates some sort of brain sensitivity to certain types of unfriendly bacteria often found in not so fresh raw eggs, raw fruits, poorly washed or old raw vegetables, and not-so-fresh salad greens due to stealthy slime mold. BEWARE of any type of perishable raw food that is NOT fresh! However, don't stop eating raw food, simply make sure it is always absolutely fresh before buying and absolutely clean before eating.

A HEAVY DUTY BLENDER IS ESSENTIAL: Drinking regular, freshly made raw vegetable juice from a wide variety of fresh, whole, organic fruits and vegetables is VITAL for continuous life-long happiness, contentment, well-being and digestive health. Poor digestion and colon health are common causes of nearly all illness. I highly recommend the Oster Pro 1200 Blender for all your food processing needs related to this diet because not only is it extremely economical for all that it can do and does so well, it is the BEST multi-purpose blender I've ever used. Nothing is perfect, but this blender comes close. (NOTE: The above mentioned Oster Pro 1200 Blender and all other product links on this page are affiliate links.)

NEVER USE A VEGETABLE JUICER! Vegetable juicers suck! Juicing vegetables with a standard vegetable juicer requires the cleaning of many more parts and accessories than a simple blender which uses only a single container that can be easily rinsed or cleaned. Juicers typically waste the most essential part of the vegetable as pulp which then needs to be cleaned out from a rotating part deep inside the juicer and then disposed of. Even worse is the fact that the juice that comes out the of the juicer is devoid of nearly all of its original fiber, beneficial phytochemicals, and complex carbohydrates while the thin liquid that is produced tends to be highly concentrated in high glycemic simple carbohydrates. A centrifuge juicer nearly always goes off balance and starts to vibrate violently. One has to add carrots to help keep it balanced, but even that does not always work. Because juicers waste so much of the vegetable, one needs to purchase far more vegetables to get the same amount of juice as one would get from a blender. Vegetable juicers tend to be more complex, harder to operate and more expensive than blenders which allow one to very easily process and consume the whole fruit and/or vegetable without wasting any of it.

AVOID MOST NUTS AND SEED: After years of trial and almost fatal error, I've come to the realization that all seed foods are strongly connected with indigestion, malabsorption, anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation and all other autoimmune disorders. Nuts, seed, and especially all types of grains and legumes contain all manner of either glutens, lectins, phytates, enzyme inhibitors, goitrogens, and/or many other toxins and anti-nutrients. I find it best to simply eliminate as many as possible of all these seed foods except maybe almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seed as long as thoroughly soaked or blended in liquid. Almonds and walnuts apparently have some of the fewest lectins and most beneficial nutritional qualities and therefore for most people, as long as eaten only in small qunatities, the benefits still outweigh their harmful effects. The superfood benefits of raw, soaked pumpkin seed also seems to outweigh its costs. Even though nuts and seed contain no gluten, they still contain many enzyme inhibitors, some lectins, bacteria, molds, and other toxic substances. I would strictly and completely avoid peanuts and cashews which are actually legumes and, among other hazards, tend to be the highest in dangerous lectins. Peanuts are known to be a leading trigger of allergic reaction and inflammation and have been associated with colon cancer and a deadly mold known as aflatoxin.

PROTEINS, FATS, LIVING ENZYMES, AND HIGH FIBER COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES: Consume a balance of all the main nutritional food sources: protein, fats/oils/lipids, living raw enzymes, high chlorophyll greens, and high fiber complex carbohydrates in the form of Paleolithic or pre-agricultural meals. This means eggs, natural saturated fats from avocados, essential living raw enzymes and high fiber complex carbohydrates in the form of fruits, berries, herbs, and vegetables, vital hormone-building cholesterol, and other nutrients often found in animal protein. However, I would much prefer to get these vital proteins and related nutrients from free-range organic eggs and vegan sources such as chlorella and spirulina, bee pollen and pine pollen, but that has not been very challenging without the availability of protein from dairy products and plant seeds such as grains, nuts, seed and legumes such as soy beans. This situation has almost forced me to go back to relying on meat, yet meat, for moral reasons, is the LAST thing on Earth I would want to eat.

Fortunately meat can still be replaced with non-violent food such as FRESH Eggs from humanely raised, free-range hens, avocados, kelp, bee pollen, nutritional yeast, spirulina, chlorella and pine pollen which, altogether, contain most of the essential proteins and other nutrients only found in meat. Keep in mind that the overall diet contains 35 different herbs and green powders, several kinds of winter squash, eggs, and blended raw vegetable juice from vegetables such as red cabbage, cucumber, beets, and fennel; and fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, dark purple grapes, oranges, papaya and/or mango.

Every day, get plenty of fresh air, exercise such as a long walk, and a short periods of intense anaerobic exercise such as running or jump rope. I also recommend doing the 5 Tibetan rites (meant to slow down or even reverse aging process) followed by some yoga poses such as the inverted sequence and half-spinal twist. Transmute celibacy with water, bathing, and pranic energy from nature. Meditate at least one hour a day on one ideal thought, vision, mantra or concept.

Paleo diet in a Blender - fruits and vegetables, blackberries, blueberries, cilantro, ginger root, lettuce, papaya, red cabbage, red onion, winter squash, pine pollen, bee pollen, chlorella, kombucha

IMPORTANT NOTE: BETWEEN WHOLE, COMPLETE MEALS DURING DAY AND THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT AND INTO EARLY MORNING, DRINK UP TO A HALF GALLON MOUNTAIN SPRING MINERAL WATER - Depending on personal need, drink plenty of mountain spring water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking. In a sense, this would be similar to going on a short water fast, but on a continuing, on-going, or routine basis btween EVERY meal. Try to drink the optimal amount for your health which is not too much and not too little depeding on body weight, size, age, level of activity, humidity, temperature, health, etc. It is very important NOT to drink sweetened drinks or anything with sugar especially during a fast, because that would be like trying to wash a car with dirty water. A thorough, complete flushing out the body system with PURE water is essential between every meal to prevent accumulation of toxins and to prevent inflammation.


Drink water instead of snacking between meals. Consume up to around one-half gallon of Mineral Water (such as Crystal Geyser) or Ionized Water per day.

MEAL #1: RAW PUMPKIN SEED, ALMONDS, AND MAQUI BERRIES BLENDED WITH FRESH FRUIT AND GREENS + WALNUTS - Blend 1/2 to 1 cup raw organic almonds (and/or walnuts) and equal amount pumpkin seed, 1/3 cup dried maqui berries or 1/4 maqui berry powder, organic pineapple, organic purple grapes, papaya, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, oranges, lettuce, collard greens, kale, parsley, watercress, cilantro, dandelion greens, etc., at least one tablespoon complete liquid vitamin/mineral formula such as Miracle 2000, and rest of entire personaly chosen herbal and vitamin/antioxidant supplement regimen. This combination results in an extremely delicious creamy and nourishing drink. And then add on top of the liquid just before serving (in a bowl) a cup full of organic raw whole walnuts, 2 to 3 tablespoons grass-fed ghee, 1 to 2 tablespoons chlorella and/or spirulina, 1/4 cup food grade (nutritional) yeast, pine pollen, fresh bee pollen, and 1 to 2 tablespoons oat straw (avena stativa) powder.

Drink a separate amount of the raw juice in a tall glass with the supplements, and eat the rest of this mixture in the same manner as a bowl of cereal. Enjoy some crispy dried kelp separately just before or after this meal.

NOTE: To properly blend these fruits, vegetables and greens into a smooth, digestible mixture it is best to use a good sized (1.50 liters or 7 cups) heavy duty Vitamix, blender or Oster Pro 1200 Blender (at least 1200 watts) until it becomes a smooth, thick juice. Add more water and kombucha if it comes out too thick to drink.

PLEASE FOLLOW/UNDERSTAND ALL CAUTIONS AND RISKS RELATED TO CONSUMING RAW EGGS. Sometimes raw eggs are listed as being a part of this regimen. If you choose to include them in your diet, make extremely sure eggs are FRESH, are high quality and come only from humanly, organically raised, HAPPY, HEALTHY free-range hens! That means hens that are allowed to roam freely to graze on grassy fields rather than be stuck inside mass cages where they forced to eat only unhealthy grains. Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms is an example of the kind of eggs I am talking about. The yokes are an extra rich yellow orange color indicating their diet is complete, healthy, and varied.

MEAL #2: BEETS, WINTER SQUASH, RAW YAM, and AVOCADO - Put inside blender one half to one whole organic lemon (including peel but peel off outer layer), one fraction of a whole, peeled, butternut, acorn, or spaghetti winter squash, and/or one half of an average-sized skinned and sliced yam, two or more average sized beets cut into smaller pieces, a bunch of cut-up broccoli, some leafy greens, a small section of freshly cut ginger root, and/or one small section of turmeric root, one quarter to one third of an average red onion, and 1/8 clove of fresh garlic. Pour up to half of the amount inside blender with pure drinking water, one tablespoon complete liquid vitamin/mineral formula such as Miracle 2000, and then blend into a thick but smooth liquid.

In a bowl, mix and mash one whole sliced avocado with 1-3 heaping tablespoons chlorella (for protein) and 1 1/2 tablespoons black cumin seed and/or black cumin seed oil, turmeric, and/or powdered kale and/or powdered cilantro, your favorite herbal seasonings, small amount powdered kelp, dulse or other seaweed, and two or more tablespoons of pure non-GMO organic apple cider vinegar (to taste). Pour half of the recently blended vegetable juice over this mixture. One might also add whole organic raw cauliflower and/or white, raw mushrooms, etc. and similar vegetables on top or similar items to create a variety of interesting additions to this meal. Flavor this meal with or add to this meal some crispy dried kelp.

Because of special nutritional requirements for certain forms of protein complexes, fatty acids, cholesterol, etc. one might also need to add 1 can of sustainably raised salmon or sardines to this meal. Mash it in with the avocado and chlorella, 1 to 2 tablespoons black cumin seed and/or 1 to 2 tablspoons black cumin seed oil, turmeric, dulse flakes, etc. before pouring the vegetabl paste completely over it.

One needs to complete this meal with a smaller blending of papaya, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and some lettuce, purple kale, and/or dandelion greens. Mix some raw kombucha (as needed) into this raw fruit juice and consume this raw fruit juice "smoothie" with the supplements. Make sure to add at least 1 tablespoon Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition, any non-dairy liquid acidophilus probiotic formula, and two tablets Garden of Life homeostatic soil organisms, while consuming all the supplements as needed based on the list down below where it says, "HEALING ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENTS . . ." and than add organic raw whole walnuts as needed or desired.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AVOID NIGHTSHADES - Regarding tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and/or other nightshade vegetables--these vegetables are high in lectins and, for best results, should be avoided.


Crystal Geyser Spring Mineral Water - consume daily between meals up to around 1/2 gallon and add (1/3) tablespoon sea salt granules per gallon for electrolyte balance, ocean trace minerals, and great taste. See also FIJI Natural Artesian Water naturally filtered through volcanic rocks and high in monoatomic elements.

Spirulina or Chlorella - one to two heaping tablespoons daily with food) - provides all manner of extremely beneficial substances, detoxifiers and antioxidants including chlorophyll, alkaline protein, and other vital nutrients - available at: Mountain Rose Herbs - Home Page

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Kombu, Wild Atlantic, 2-Ounce Package (Pack of 5) - KELP Provides VITAL iodine in its most natural form and in large quantities along with the complete spectrum of all essential ocean salts, minerals and trace elements. Be sure to thoroughly dry out (bake) this kelp in the sun or over a warm stove for a day or two before serving with every meal. When dry it has a wonderful, addicting crispy flavor!

Nutritional Yeast Flakes Kal Unsweetened Wonderful Nutty Flavor 22 oz - Full spectrum of essential amino acids, Balanced variety of B Vitamins, Typical analysis: Protein 50%, Nucleic Acids 8-10% (approx 10% DNA, 90% RNA) 1.28-1.44g.

Fresh Bee Pollen Whole Granules - keep frozen! Best to use High Desert or Y.S. Eco Bee Farms

500g Wild Harvested 98% Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen Powder - OS Authentication - powerful natural substance from pine trees for rejuvenation, advanced antioxidant nutrition and hormone balance

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Maqui Berry Powder, 8 Ounces - This super berry provides vital rejuvenating, adaptogenic nutrients extremely rich in anthocyanins, which are purple pigments very high in antioxidant activity.

Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) Seed - IF you are NOT as sensitive to seeds as I am, this exotic black spice from the Middle East could bestow immense health benefits: "A cure for everything except death."

Herbal Secrets Black Seed Oil Natural Dietary Supplement - Cold Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil from 100% Genuine Nigella Sativa - 16 oz Bottle - This oil is made from an exotic black spice from the Middle East which seems to have immense universal healing and health benefits: "A cure for everything except death."

Oatstraw Powder - This is also known as avena sativa which benefits the body and nerves in numerous ways including the balancing of hormones.

Viva Naturals Unfiltered Undiluted Non-GMO Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, 32 oz - Excellent metabolism and mood booster and wonderful heatlh benefits such as cleansing and refreshing for the digestion.

Grass Fed Organic Ghee Clarified Butter From Grass-fed Cows Paleo Ayurvedic Gluten-Free NON-GMO - Made in USA (Glass Jar) - This is a butter oil that is high in vitamin K2 or that same "factor X" that Weston A. Price wrote about in his research. For best results, always have with other oil soluable vitamins A, D3, and E.

Garden of Life Primal Defense, 180 Caplets - Primal Defense is a natural blend of 12 species of probiotics and homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) that are VITAL to the normal functioning of a healthy intestinal flora and intestinal tract. Many chronic diseases can start with an improper balance of friendly to unfriendly microbes in the intestinal lining.

Nature's Life Acidophilus, Pro-96, Apple Orchard, 16 Ounce - Provides 9 strains of probiotics. It is VITAL to have many different kinds of friendly bacteria in the gut and replenish them regularly to insure healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Organic Raw Kombucha - Organic, Live, Reeds Culture Club Kombucha, Kombucha Wonder Drink, and Organic Raw Kombucha

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is vital to get some probiotic cultures mixed in with your diet. (Several companies now make kombucha making it widely available. This "tea" should be very tart and bubbly. ALWAYS KEEP REFRIGERATED - NEVER SHAKE UNOPENED BOTTLE! - ALWAYS OPEN S-L-O-W-L-Y AND OVER A SINK!) Probiotic drinks such as kombucha are essential for success with this regimen but there are some contraindications because of Kombucha's ralatively high amount of sugar and acidicity. As with all things, DON'T OVERCONSUME KOMBUCHA because its acidity can hurt tooth enamel.

Optional: Other great high antioxidant healing powders, liquids and formulas:

Optional: Natural Pure Kale Powder - one to two heaping tablespoons daily with food) - provides extremely beneficial fiber, minerals, detoxifiers and antioxidants including 45 different antioxidant flavonoids, chlorophyll, carotenoids, glucosinolates, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamins K, A, C, B6, calcium, manganese, copper, potassium and other vital nutrients.

Optional: Cilantro Leaf - great tasting powerful antioxidant healing herb

Optional: Moringa Leaf Powder - powerful antioxidant healing herb for an extra energy boost

Optional: Sambazon Organic No Sugar Pure Acai - Unsweetened (enjoy with Kombucha, Buried Treasure and Miracle 2000 as or if needed)

Optional: Buried Treasure 70 Plus Plant Derived Minerals - 32 fl oz for bone and dental health (have with Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition, kombucha, and/or any juice at mealtime)

Optional: 22 Antioxidant Spice Blend - available at: and goes best with the cooked squash. However it contains at least three different seeds which I am sensitive to.

Optional: Dabur Chyawanprash 1kg (2.2LB) Bottle (advanced Ayurvedic adaptogenic formula which could be blended with the raw eggs or added to the kefir)

Optional: Green Vibrance Powder (this optional green powder formulation includes all kinds of algae, grasses, herbs, and vegetable extracts, including 25 billion probiotics)

Optional: Vibrant Health - Maximum Vibrance, 28.2 oz powder which is an "All in One" Paleolithic Superfood green powdered formula containing all minerals, vitamins, amino acids, herbs, etc.

Optional: Flora Source DHA Flax Oil contains a perfect balance of all vital (essential) oils (including DHA and other essential fatty acids) for cognitive function and eye health.



(#) Century Systems - Miracle 2000 Total Body Nutrition - 32 oz. - MOST ESSENTIAL: contains all minerals, trace elements, some herbs and vitamins! (have two tablespoons per day with any liquid)
(#) Super Nutrition AntiOxidant Power 60 tab MOST ESSENTIAL: (one or two tablets per day - this is a VITAL powerful antioxidant formula that prevents general degeneration of health)
(#) Solaray Avena Sativa, 350 mg, 100 Count (derived from oat straw, this product has great sexual health benefit)
(#) BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin - 50 ct - 12mg Original High Potency One Per Day Formula - Supports Joint, Skin, & Eye Health Naturally -A Super-Antioxidant Grown in Hawaii (Astaxanthin is a POWERFUL antioxidant especially good for the eyes, joints, brain, nervous system, skin and heart)
(#) Nature's Life Bioflavonoids Tablets, Lemon, 1000 Mg, 250 Count (four capsules per day to protect inner ear, balance, and circulation in the finest blood vessels)
(#) Kal Reacta-C w/Bioflavonoids 1000mg (one tablet per day - buffered Vit. C - powerful antioxidant - works best with equal amounts MSM)
(#) Country Life Circulation Factors, 100-Count (one tablet per day helps reduce aches and pains of any sort and helps to normalize high blood pressure) UNFORTUNATELY NOW DISCONTINUED but there's an excellent substitute: Kal Vein Defense - 60 Tabs
(#) Kal D-3, Ultra 5000iu 60 ct (one per day for mental well-being, teeth, bone, and cartilage health - works best with vitamin K2 and oil soluable vitamins A and E)
(#) Relentless Improvement Vitamin K2 MK4 Plus MK7 (This is the MK-4 form but at full strength of 15 mg. per capsule plus smaller amounts of MK-7 - enough to significantly increase testosterone production and is essential for tooth, bone, circulation, and heart health and works best with vitamins A, D, and E) Vitamin K2 is needed to prevent calcification of the arteries while helping to prevent osteoporosis by keeping calcium deposits out of the circulatory system and into the bones and teeth where it belongs!
(#) NOW Vitamin K-2 100 mcg, 100 Veg Capsules (MK-4) (This is MK-4 is less expensive but in much smaller amounts at only 100 mcg. per capsule which is not enough to boost testosterone and only lasts about 8 hours in the body.)
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(#) KAL - Trace Minerals, 30 tablets [Health and Beauty] (contains most minerals except magnesium and calcium - one tablet daily for tooth remineralization) Note: Because of it's strong association with heart disease, calicfication of the pineal gland, kidney stones, etc. I believe it is wise not to supplement with extra calcium (except minimal amounts already present in vitamin formulas, food, etc.), unless substancial quantities of K2, A, and D3 are also taken.

HERBS TO HELP HEAL THE MIND AND BODY: Most of the herbs and super foods listed below can be obtained from (NOTE: This and all other product links on this page are affiliate links.)


Ashwagandha (stress fighting adaptogen - available at:
Blue cohosh (menopause, boosts WOMEN'S hormonal levels - observe precautions! - available at:
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Turmeric (research states this herb reduces chances of cancer and Alzheimer's - available at:

I am including my own regimen above as just an example and not be used in place of competent medical care or advice from a qualified medical practitioner. You must create your own formula for your own personal needs as directed by a nutrition oriented doctor or naturopathic physician. These herbs and supplements saved my life, while enhancing its quality, meaning and purpose!

You have now reached the conclusion of the latest changes to my present regimen. For more recent and regular updates, be sure to check out and join my FB group page, "Alternative Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit"

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Fruits and Vegetables for Wholeness: apples, beet, fennel, grapes, red cabbage, oranges



My friend, Madhava, suggested that I include some of the letters we exchanged (in Sept. and Oct. of 2014) because of all the helpful and clarifying information contained in them regarding how to best approach this regimen and use it for your spiritual, emotional and phisiological benefit, so here we go:

Madhava: Regardless of the monetary condition, it is most fortunate you are experiencing progress in your spiritual awakening. For myself I cannot say I feel I have budged an inch in my progress.

Shaktivirya: It is indeed fortunate, actually, that I have most of the process of enlightenment, in the sense of experiencing much bliss and unconditional love, now boiled down to a precise science. There is no luck, religion or any form of dogma involved, just the careful synergistic combination of high enzyme, omega 3 / dha oils, high nutrient density, high protein super food and long periods of water and/or green juice fasting between meals that either contain a source of complete protein, rice, beans, vegetable juice, turmeric, brahmi, ginkgo, and ground mustard, or blended raw egg, hemp milk and raw papaya or highly fermented goat milk kefir, dark colored grapes or purple plumbs, all 14 sacred adaptogenic herbs, followed by acai berry smoothie, kombucha, Miracle 2000 full-spectrum, raw almonds, raw pumpkin seed (pepitas), and raw goji berries.

Madhava: But I keep in mind that in the span of eternity, a few years or even a lifetime is not much (though it can seem like a long time). I have made notes on alot of techniques & things to try following that I've found I end up doing none.

Shaktivirya: You have to experiment and do some research to find the answers you need. I am here in this lifetime to work through the biochemical blockages to enlightenment and astral travel. Many people in the eastern countries have been able to astral travel because of their extreme closeness to natural living, unprocessed high nutrition food directly from nature, and not being contaminated by the limiting beliefs of others such as the need for three regular meals every day or "you will die of starvation."

Madhava: But I'm trying to focus in on techniques for lucid dreaming & OBE. Really desiring to connect with higher self or spiritual guides to get some answers & guidance to better understand what's happening in my life.

Shaktivirya: Yes it is extremely important to get in touch with your higher self as soon as possible which comes to you while in deep meditation as a high energy state of ever-expanding love and an infusion of wisdom as your spirit channel opens up. This does not happen to most people because their brains are clogged up with too much free-radical toxins from the less than perfect food they eat too much of and too often instead of water fasting as long as possible between meals in place of snacking.

When I visited the local social services agency today, I could not believe the food they were giving out to the poor and homeless! Most of it was bread, glazed doughnuts, milk, bottled orange juice, some very stodgy looking stuff I could not even recognize(!), and only a little fresh fruit, avocados, etc. I was there this morning to apply for some help paying this months rent, but not the food, thank goodness! Most of the stuff they give away is stodge which simply turns into sugar and goop after being digested, most of which (especially pizza) accumulates and remains stuck in the colon for ages until one's stomach hangs out. I often strongly suspect cheese never comes out the other end, but remains stuck inside forever!

Madhava: That is really wonderful for you to be feeling the progress & connection in your meditations.

Shaktivirya: Thank you, but this is only because I am a very ordinary, if not less than ordinary person but with some knowledge of how certain enlightened masters eat which is seldom or very little, or sometimes not at all for quite a long while. But when they did eat in those days of long ago, their diet was utterly natural and wholesome and they ate unprocessed simple meals such as yogurt, smelt and yak butter, ghee, mint and rice, etc. For long periods of time, there was often none or little food available because of war, famines or droughts. The human body as a result of this fact over countless generations of time adapted far better to starvation than it did to gluttony.

If done correctly, one can finally enjoy all the spiritual experiences one longs for during long periods of water fasting and correct, abstemious eating and sexual fluid conservation, or one could fall back into gluttony and uncontrolled sexual excess, where there can be no spirituality -- only a "stupified" state of clogged brain capillaries and burned out sensual senses. The instrument of experience must be fine-tuned by abstemious superfood eating, fasting, pranic feeding, deep meditation and celibacy in order to grow spiritually, otherwise one would only fall into dullness, incapacity, senility and death.

Because we are what we eat, one must eat spiritual matter (pranic food) in order to grow one's light body to the point of being able to enjoy unconditional love for all, samadhi and astral travel.

I therefore came up with a way of eating and transmutation lifestyle which took me over 45 years of constant trial and error to perfect. Even in the last few days I was continuing to perfect it and post the latest corrections on my website at:

Madhava: It would be wonderful to always feel a sense of love, peace and connectedness.

Shaktivirya: Of course! And this state is your absolute birthright and is your natural state which is being in alignment with the One you really are, your Oversoul or Higher Self.

Madhava: What I'm experiencing is the opposite basically, always feeling disconnected from people & stifled in my progress.

Shaktivirya: What you describe is unfortunately the common experience throughout the entire unnatural world. This is why there is so much hatred and strife in the world because of too many people being biochemically out of alignment and spiritually out of touch with their natural inner wholeness or happiness, bliss, and source of unconditional love.

The less you eat, the more prana and unconditional love will nourish you instead. Affirmation: "May I live more and more on God's love and less and less on physical food."

Madhava: Don't get me wrong though, I don't let it get me too down, I just keep on renewing my efforts time and time again. And I understand that we have to experience it all, so for some time our progress may be manifest in hardships, opposition, disconnect, & all the things we don't want.

Shaktivirya: There is no actual or absolute reason that you should have to experience all the negative things in life, only enough that you can distinguish between what you prefer from what you don't prefer. Our biochemical and lifestyle choices are the main focal point in the possibility for real and lasting positive change in our lives. Establishing the inner connection with Spirit and unconditional love is vastly more important than the conditions that surround us.

Madhava: I suppose I'm writing to you also to remind myself of this. And also to take inspiration by your experiences.

Shaktivirya: My experiences can be your experiences and far more. The lifestyle, formula and ingredients for wholeness are already laid out for you to take advantage of:

Madhava: It would be nice to just not have to eat anything because it takes so much time to think about what to eat, gather everything, prepare, clean up, etc. This is the difficulty and we tend to just eat what is affordable and convenient.

Shaktivirya: Wow, yes this is so very true! Honestly I too would absolutely LOVE to never have to eat any more physical food ever again! I've studied breatharians for many years and there are some very profound changes that can occur in the body cells of anyone who became wise enough to have figured the way out of the physical need (addiction) to food which is in itself a metabolic labyrinth, maze, or prison very tricky to escape from without the risk of dying from starvation. One really needs to get their nutritional intake perfect before embarking on the risky transition to fully living on light. The key is to only eat high-protein concentrated nutrition super food meals just often enough to prevent starvation or malnourishment for several months or years before one can be completely established, and confident enough to start experiencing the total or 100% pranic nourishment lifestyle.

This concept of concentrated nutrition combined with water fasting fascinates me so much because it has enabled me to experience pranic nourishment already and it's the MOST WONDERFUL sensation I ever felt! It feels like liquid love and light entering into every cell of my body. It is a phenomenal sense of purity that fills my arms and legs (for example) with an utterly cool and refreshing crystal clear energy that I might have some difficulty trying to describe. Then my whole body from head to toes would tingle with utterly amazing and profound power of love!!! JUST AMAZING!!! And I have not even mentioned the beauty of the transmutation of the sexual energy process yet! Kundalini can become quite free and active in this state.

Madhava: In my assumption my diet is fairly healthy, but apparently it still needs alot of adjustment because I usually feel pretty dull and tired.

Shaktivirya: You probably know already, my reaction to food was even worse than just "dull and tired" because I also suffered from extreme chronic fatigue, severe depression, severe anxiety, headaches, neck aches, memory loss, vertigo, heart palpitations, and confusion. I had to really select only the most nourishing food possible (such as spiralina for example) and tons of probiotic liquid such as goat milk kefir and kombucha, full-spectrum liquid supplements, super foods, raw fruit, etc. and fast as long as I comfortably could between these super high density nutritional meals. The more protein I packed into them, the easier and longer it seemed to be able to enjoy fasting on water between those meals.

I now am able to constantly fast for up to 48 hours between meals, but I did after the first 24 hours, stop to take some liquid nourishment such as that green drink (mixed with kombucha) and some water flavored with Braggs Liquid Amino Acids which is similar to soy sauce. If you get into the habit of constantly drinking enough water (up to around a half gallon) between every meal, over a period of time, such as several days to a month, you will notice some amazing changes in your energy levels and how well, blissful, happy and excited you feel. You start to feel really clean inside, and you also, during a long walk for example, start to actually feel pranic energy entering into and nourishing your body. Then you get a first-hand glimpse of the potential of someday perhaps being able to live entirely off of this pranic nourishment instead of this rather dense and toxic physical food.

Madhava: Though I have made alot of efforts to try to eat as healthy as I can afford and have time to prepare. I'm doing kombucha and kefir regular too. (But boy pizza was always my favorite food, I had cut it down to once or twice a month for some years and past few months to zero).

Shaktivirya: The casein protein in the cheese on the pizza is very addicting and I had a horrible time trying to break the cheese habit! I still have to eat turkey, chicken or fish occasionally to not ever crave the cheese. I know that protein is absolutely vital, but I strongly feel one should never get it from cheese because it screws up the immune system in a very negative way. A very long time ago, my absolute favorite snack was cheese and V8. I would go through a whole block of cheese in ten minutes! Then I knew something had to be wrong, and of course eating that way nearly killed me every time. I had to get back on fish and chicken to get off the cheese! In the first place, I was very much into the Dr. Atkins diet, because it was an essential life saver for me. The emphasis on protein and saturated fats kept me away from much worse cravings such as for sweets, dates, dried fruit and bread which put me into a severe stupor and horrible anxiety attacks. These were the early stages I had to go through before getting into the 100% raw food diet of 2002 which again was only another stepping stone to something even more significant.

Madhava: Anyhow, that is awesome that you actually experience true blissfulness and you are discovering what really works for you. What would you estimate your current diet costs per month, all included with all the supplements and everything ?

Shaktivirya: It was originally $800 because of all the super foods, goji berries, nuts, seed, expensive green powders, supplements, herbs, etc., but I gradually quit the supplements, and took the full-spectrum Miracle 2000 instead, and with all the fasting, etc. managed to get the costs down to less than $300 a month. As my body adjusted to longer and longer fasts between highly concentrated nutrition meals, I am sure to save even more and more money every month. It is an evolutionary process. Now imagine eventually becoming 100% breatharian, which can mean no cost at all! For most people, of course, this is an extremely CRAZY idea, so I would advise you not say anything about it to anyone and go very gradually into such a lofty, far-out goal if it feels even possible for you to relate to in the first place!

There are hundreds of breatharian people throughout the world now, but I am quite sure that most of them are still eating at least little food occasionally (Kirby de Lanerolle eats once a week for example:, or simply drinking a few liquids from time to time. They seem to thrive beautifully (albeit sometimes quite skinny) because the human body really can, with the right protocol, live off of extremely and surprisingly well on only a fraction of what most people eat because within every cell of the body is a very delicate organelle system that is so minutely structured that they can interface with the microscopic dimension of quantum energy and feed the body with pranic energy in place of cell-aging respiratory metabolic energy. But to avoid damaging malnourishment, the food that is eaten must be of the utmost biological value.

Madhava: I really appreciate you sharing this information. For years I've tried various efforts to effect positive changes and I feel as though nothing has given me any tangible result. Going through life, getting older, with pressures mounting, and your energy feeling sluggish is not at all how life should be.

Shaktivirya: Of course life should not be that way, but very few people realize that there is a way out of this metabolic jungle into a much lighter, happier existence of being able to live more and more on spiritual light and divine love rather than on limiting, aging and depleting physical food.

Madhava: Let me take a look at your latest dietary guide and see how I can step up my efforts more to apply it.

Shaktivirya: I hope it is clear enough for you to benefit from. It is not always easy to convey the entire concept in words.

Madhava: It's funny how on amazon there are many dietary products with many rave reviews where people attest to taking something and how it really boosted their energy and health. I have tried quite a few things but I have never experienced any difference with anything. And spending years meditating and all sorts of efforts for self improvement but still feeling after some 20 plus years of all this, really no different physically, mentally or spiritually.

Shaktivirya: I am not at all surprised because one thing alone can only rarely make a difference and I often don't even recommend any single vitamin or nutrient on its own because it too easily can act like drug that blocks other nutrients. Wholeness requires many different aspects synergistically combined for a real transformation to take place. There are too many aspects to the human being for any one thing alone such as meditation, for example, to create permanent life-changing results. Not just the meditation, celibacy, fasting, etc., but everything else too is required. Achieving wholeness is always like that except there may be a few lucky people who can find "enlightenment" with just a small number of methods, and then they become a "guru" and teach others with that limited method that worked only for them. Madhava: I'd love to be able to tell people how something changed my life, but have yet to experience it. When I do find how to effect such changes, I would be very enthused to share it.

Shaktivirya: This is what happened to me, now I am anxious to share it with others, but unfortunately very few seem to know what I am talking about, and tragically, almost no one "gets it." Same with the afterlife paranormal recordings, as most people just don't want to relate to such vitally extraordinary subjects as life after death and actual communications from very fulfilled souls living on a higher realm of existence. Such truly amazing recordings are simply too far out and "too good to be true" for "serious academics" and for mainstream science to take much more seriously unfortunately.

Madhava: Let me see about your diet again, and some of the sexual control exercises. I did start with the deer exercise for maybe just a few days but did not maintain it. My efforts sort of just got derailed by material conditions and the usual lack of energy to keep up with everything. Really just need first to find how to increase my energy. Diet and exercise of course.

Shaktivirya: Yes the deer exercise is ABSOLUTELY VITAL because, quite frankly, especially while married, sex is not easily avoidable, nor would I even begin to recommend avoiding intercourse because of its vital emotional and energetic connection. In this situation, the deer exercise quickly becomes an absolutely essential way to stop the loss of vital sexual fluid during the often unavoidable excitement phase.

Even as a single person, I still have to be self-aware, because sometimes right in the middle of a dream it would happen to me! I would be ambushed with a massive urge to lose vital sexual fluid, but I learned a long time ago how to immediately prevent just in time it by using that invaluable deer exercise! I never lose that stuff because of it. In my life, sex has a much deeper fulfillment and purpose!

Madhava: By the way, do you do any sort of regular physical exercise like any sort of workout routine, aside from the spiritual exercises ? I don't think yogis do much of physical exercises like running, working out type stuff.

Shaktivirya: I have no need to do any extra exercise because I walk everywhere. I sold my car in July!

Madhava: What amazes me is that someone like yourself is able to personally respond with such details. I was under the impression that usually when someone achieves your level of awareness & vitality, that one would automatically be thronged by followers.

Shaktivirya: I seriously doubt I will ever be "thronged by followers" unless I fully reach a "nexus" point where I receive so much of the Divine rush or pranic nourishment that I am able to become 100% breatharian and therefore be able to travel around a little without having to worry about food or drink and therefore have more time and inclination to meet more people. But the inner joy keeps pulling me inward! These days I often tend to keep to my self because I am either spending much time in deep meditation or trying to keep my businesses afloat and that alone has been challenging to say the least! The other reason is because I am so attracted to Spirit and to the love of God, that I naturally want to remain in solitude where I can enjoy communion with God or my higher self (Oversoul) because that awesome state of love and inner wisdom is far more meaningful to me than annoying worldly conversation with materialistically minded people.

Madhava: Having stored up all that ojas and being filled by feelings of love & joy, one would automatically have a magnetic effect that would attract alot of people. And out there in Southern Cali there seems to be a lot of people who are into this stuff, yoga, diet, metaphysics, etc.

Shaktivirya: I know exactly what you mean, everyone says I am "extremely nice" but like I said before I don't like to mix with people that much, although I will have to one of these days to hopefully find more people in need of these truths regarding health, fasting, transmutation and spiritual transformation. Some support is needed too to prevent the loss of this vital information, and preserve it for all posterity.

Madhava: At least that's what I observed living in Sand Diego for 8 years. The health food stores all carried these free newspapers which were all about healthy living, yoga, meditation, spirituality, etc. That's how I first got into Self Realization Fellowship.

Shaktivirya: When I was working at the Pacific Plaza before it got sold to developers in September of 2010, it used to be a very spiritual place with chimes hanging in the trees and surrounded by gardens that I had planted and attended to for over twenty years. I had a chance then to get some of my information out. They had a little yoga center and Auyvedic medicine clinic, a wellness center, and holistic healing, etc., etc. It was amazing! However after the original owner sold the building, that beautiful situation at the Pacific Plaza underwent a slow and painful death. Now it is just a huge restaurant with cookie-cutter landscaping and lots of empty office spaces because many of the tenants had to leave due to construction noise and ridiculous rent increases.

Madhava: So it is odd that you and your website with all that you are offering have yet to be widely recognized.

Shaktivirya: Yes, it is odd, I have to admit. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with the lack of support, but that does not stop me, but only makes me more determined to perfect my spiritual life and therefore hopefully and finally prove to at least a few people that my knowledge is in fact a reality that can utterly change one's life toward amazing inner joy and powerful bliss.

Madhava: Sort of reminds me of the story of Ekchart Tolle. The guy went through years of sever depression until he hit rock bottom and then had an awakening. Then for some years just sat on park benches, penniless, but all blissed out.

Shaktivirya: Wow, that does sound like my self, and then he was able to ascend into a much finer space? It is a funny thing to me he somehow managed this permanent change in his consciousness without changing his diet, becoming celibate, or anything like that. Yes, I too am "all blissed out" and unfortunately "penniless."

Madhava: Then people started to notice he had something special and someone approached him to write a book. Now the guy has sold millions of books and travels the world giving lectures.

Shaktivirya: Wow, and Ekchart's story sounds very much like some of the authors and teachers featured in that famous classic movie, "The Secret."

Madhava: Ironically though, as I had pointed out once before, he mentions practically nothing about diet & sexual conservation, it's as if it has nothing to do with enlightenment. So how many people will get very far with his teachings, probably very few.

Shaktivirya: There is an equation here, or delicate balance between the degree of effort, degree of effectiveness and degree of popularity. Sadly the most popular teachings naturally would require the least amount of effort. The most effective knowledge would naturally require a great deal of education, change in one's diet, and change in one's lifestyle such as sense slavery to frequent fasting, celibacy and transmutation.

Madhava: That's where what you're offering is far more valuable.

Shaktivirya: Thank you, I am grateful you can see the wisdom of my approach! There are not many who do!

Madhava: Perhaps it is your path not to be so much out in the limelight. But it's also partly because you're program requires far more sacrifice & committment than popular enlightenment books like Ekhart Tolles which has no restrictions whatsoever on sex or pizza.

Shaktivirya: Absolutely, and that could be an annoying part of human nature to tend to avoid something that is, even though most beneficial, would require a more complete and careful understanding and implementation. Ekhart Tolle's writings will make sense at times to many people, and similar teachings did to me too, especially when I was still in my teens and twenties, but something far deeper was needed because of the whole human being is far more complicated than just a way of thinking.

Madhava: Much more people will go for something like that.

Shaktivirya: Yes, there are countless young souls out there not knowing there is far more needed to more fully and more permanently stay in wholeness.

Madhava: However yogic diets and sexual abstinance do seem to be gaining some interest. For example there are alot of people joining a reddit forum called something like "nofap" which is all about stopping porn & masturbation & retaining once's semen. There seems to be alot of people taking interest. And the practice of tantra for married people also seems to have some following. So on the other hand, methods of self improvement and spiritual awakening which require sex control & extreme diets do have a decent level of public interest.

Shaktivirya: Yes, you mentioned that website before. I will have to look into it. I might have to write some more books on these subjects which hopefully will attract more people. No where yet have I seen books or websites combining sex control and extreme diets, but I know Jasmuheen might have mentioned that aspect somewhere in her book, Living on Light.

Madhava: That's why I could see someone like yourself making a decent living giving public lectures on your subjects of expertise. You could be making a living doing what you love to do, sharing the information with others & traveling the world. I know I would love to be doing that. Not for the sake of simply making money, but to be sharing the knowledge and having the money to live life without being burdened by doing jobs that you're forced to do simply to pay bills. Anyhow, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting you should be doing anything, just giving my observation that there seems to be alot of potential for that sort of thing.

Shaktivirya: I have at this time two reservations regarding simply going out and teaching any of the lessons I've learned.

One is up to now I been an extremely private person and very uncomfortable with the idea of going out into the public to give talks, lectures, etc. It would be really nice to see myself do that, but at first would find it far too uncomfortable and awkward. I would have to start out with little groups, etc.

The other reason is most important: I have not yet reached my own personal "nexus point" or mastery of 100% breatharianism and a much more total enlightenment state than I am in now, when I would have a much more truly impressive and exciting evidence for others to truly want to be helped and guided by my knowledge. In other words, I don't want to be halfway there and share only green or partially ripened fruit. Let's wait for the fruit to fully ripen first!

Madhava: The money situation though is keeping me tied up here to the same old grind. That's where one starts trying to have OBE's and lucid dreams to break out of the monotony of material life.

Shaktivirya: They are amazing, and as you fast longer between highly nutritious meals, they come more often and the wisdom, bliss and love you enjoy far outshines any boredom with "material" living.

Madhava: In the meantime, I have to start more on the diet. I think I somewhat put aside the idea of trying to follow much of it because it seemed too expensive. You did kindly suggest the most essential items, and I did get some of those like the ashwaganda. And by the way, for protein I am looking at the pea protein powder.

Shaktivirya: Wow, that is very exciting. Then add some hemp milk or Green Machine juice smoothie, spirulina and Miracle 2000 for a more comprehensive or complete mixture.

Madhava: I've tried this stuff before and it seems to be a very good vegetarian protein source. I'm doing strictly vegetarian as far as possible and this seems to be a good source.

Shaktivirya: Yes, I keep going as many days or even weeks as I can without having to eat any fish, chicken or turkey, but at some point I still might have to.

Madhava: There's also whey protein, one which is a huge seller on Amazon for bodybuilders. But what turns me off though is that the stuff is not organic, so it must have traces of GMO, pesticides & growth hormones. How could people take that for their health ? Apparently many people.

Shaktivirya: I don't recommend whey protein; it is too high in lactose which is a form of sugar. It is so sweet tasting that it is addicting and one can never seem to get enough of it, all too easily leading one into a debilitating metabolic imbalance. I do NOT trust anything that comes from cows any way, any more even though I still have cow milk kefir written on my menu, but might soon remove that from the list.

Madhava: Most importantly for me now, about trying to apply this diet as far as possible. Coming back to where before I did not attempt to fully implement this program because of the cost, I am still wondering about this.

Shaktivirya: There are always ways to get around the cost because the goal is not to get all the foods I listed, but just whatever is needed for you personally to achieve the happiness and fulfillment you most surely deserve. Also it is the fasting (and therefore continuous cleansing) between meals that is most important. This is a continuous cleansing process of continuous water fasting occasionally interrupted (as needed) by high protein meals and delicious organic green drinks with some ginger, raw eggs, DHA, Miracle 2000, and cinnamon with hemp milk.

Madhava: You've said that you do it for $300 monthly total. Looking over the main essentials on your list, and adding up the prices for each, I came up with following cost list. I'm assuming about 16 oz of each drink. It all adds up to around $30 daily, or $900 monthly. I suppose if you only took 1/3 the amount of these drinks, the cost would then be closer to $300 monthly, but that would only be about 36 Oz total of all these drinks each day.

Shaktivirya: As you know I am definitely NOT spending anything like $900 monthly (sorry I am laughing!) because I am eating very sparingly and not very often. Also while deep in samadhi several hours a day, I don't have much interest in food. Most of the time I am drinking water which of course costs much less than the food. When I get especially hungry, I sometimes add Braggs Liquid Aminos to my water or drink a thicker liquid such as a mixture of ginger, the Green Machine green drink, and kombucha, or hemp milk, cinnamon, DHA and raw eggs. Madhava: daily amounts:

$2.75 - 16 oz Lakewood Organic Super Veggie Juice,
$2.50 - 16 oz naked green machine
$2.25 - 16 oz lifeway kefir
$4.00 - 16 oz kombucha
$2.00 - 16 oz hemp seed milk
$4.00 - 16 oz kona red
$2.20 - 12 oz sambazon acai jiuce
$2.00 - all 14 herbs
$1.00 - 1 oz miracle 2000 + 1 tspn Flora 7 DHA FLAX oil
$2.30 - fraction of a serving Green Vibrance
$3.00 - $5.00 - probably this much more for everything else: Fiji water, bee pollen, solid foods, nuts, fruits, berries, etc.

$30.00 daily = $900/month

Shaktivirya: It looks like you've done quite a bit of accounting! However I no longer require all of the above every day. The Lakewood Organic Super Veggie, for example, I only have two-thirds a bottle once or twice a week. Also, the Acai Smoothie I enjoy only once or twice a week. The Kona Red and the Fiji water, not at all at this time, but still something I would have in my regimen because of its high antioxidant value or "monatomic" mineral value. I no longer use or require Green Vibrance, although that would still be good to have in the regimen. Also Madhava, there are some days I don't eat at all! Just going out for a long walk fills me with so much blissful prana, that satisfies me a lot! A little bit of sun bathing in filtered evening sunlight seems to help too.

Madhava: I have always spent approximately $150/ month for food for myself. $300 for me and my wife.

Shaktivirya: How wonderful you can get by on such a low, reasonable cost! I think all you need to do is simply increase your supply of protein and essential fatty acid intake, increase the antioxidants and herbs such as ginger, and of course drink the water and liquid foods between meals instead of snacking on solids.

Madhava: Doubling the amount seems like it could be feasible, but I'm trying to see how this program could be applied at $300 per person monthly. The kefir & kombucha are items that I'm already making myself, which seems much more cost effective.

Shaktivirya: How wonderful again that you can make your own kombucha and kefir! That is very wise and can save you much expense. In a sense I make my own kefir too by placing a bottle of kefir over the stove (were one of the pilot lights are located) with a bell jar over it for a week for until it really is quite tart and therefore absolutely packed with friendly micro-organisms.

Madhava: The kombucha alone is like $4.00 for one 16 Oz bottle. I imagine what you could produce at home could be more potent than the store bought anyhow. So that's one area the cost can be cut. Otherwise, how can you do it for $300 ? One maybe could cut the cost by juicing. Although with the time factor involved in juicing and cost of organic produce I'm not even sure if it would add up.

Shaktivirya: One bottle actually costs me around $2.98 at my local health food store (which is so large they can reduce costs there) and I have about one a day. But that cost need not be your concern if you can manufacture your own which I think is awesome.

Madhava: About the liquid consumption - with all the above drinks at 16 Oz each, that is already 108 Oz, or almost 1 gal of liquid. Additionally, how much water do you consume in total per day ?

Shaktivirya: I forgot to mention that these liquids are often meant to be diluted with the spring mineral water and sometimes the water is flavored with the Bragg Aminos and a small amount of kombucha. So you can stretch these drinks quite a bit (by a third) with the water. That is what I often do.

Madhava: Most sources advise to consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces of liquid daily. If you're 200 lbs, then consume 100 Oz of liquid. It seems to me that this program would be consuming considerably more than that.

Shaktivirya: Not necessarily and it depends on other variables such as humidity, temperature, amount of exercise, and electrolyte balance (which you should watch carefully). I am kind of light, so that would be around 70 fluid oz a day of water which is about half a gallon of water a day for me which is perfect. The Bragg Aminos and a little dolomite help balance your electrolytes.

Madhava: Perhaps you could estimate approximately how many Ounces of these drinks you have daily, as well as how many ounces of water, if you have some idea.

Shaktivirya: I can't say right off hand. On an average day, I enjoy about a half gallon of water and one quarter gallon of the liquids, including the hemp milk and fresh, raw eggs.

Madhava: I've found that when I drink much more than 1 gallon of liquids in a day I will be having to urinate all the time. Either way I am just trying to see how I can practically apply this.

Shaktivirya: I think a lot of men in their late 50s and beyond might have trouble with urination problems, but that is all the more reason they need some kind of "Paleolithic" diet high in the adaptogenic herbs, pumpkin seed, etc. I am 57 and have absolutely no problem with urinating too much, no matter how much liquid I consume. The extra water in my bladder feels perfectly natural and blissful for me, and I enjoy the wonderful feeling I get from drinking so many liquids instead of eating solid food. My diet is quickly evolving toward only liquid food as I continue to "follow my bliss." Madhava: I like the idea of consuming lots of liquids & getting all the nutrition this way.

Shaktivirya: This is wonderful, because the idea of getting as much nutrition as possible from just liquids can lead to a real liberation experience. In fact I am thinking more and more these days that a 100% liquid light regimen would be perfect for me. It seems I can really enjoy living on much on less food that way because the nutrition is much more fully and efficiently absorbed that way.

Madhava: I imagine after several weeks of this the internal systems would be pretty cleaned out and that's really what I'm looking for is to flush out my system and get it back to new for premium performance. I just did this sort of thing with a car to get it running best, flushed out the trans fluid, oil, cleaned & replaced filters, added performance additives. Got the car running much better & efficient. Now I need to do the same with this flesh & bones vehicle.

Shaktivirya: Excellent analogy! It does take a few days to a month to more fully benefit from the daily water flushing.

Madhava: There's so many types of cleanses out there, and it can get quite complicated to try and clean out all the internal systems. But I assume your program will do all that without any extra endeavor.

Shaktivirya: I have to agree, just a simply daily cleansing with water along with plenty of acidophilus and a full-spectrum of all other friendly organisms for the colon is all you need.

Madhava: I'm suspecting my liver is sluggish and needs some cleaning. Some years back doctor told me I had fatty liver, but it returned to normal some time later. But it could be back again. Anyhow I just keep hearing that toxic liver is a major cause of low metabolism, tiredness, etc. I think your program would probably wash it out pretty good eventually.

Shaktivirya: I think too many simple carbohydrates and therefore high triglycerides might lead to a fatty liver. Dried fruit, honey, raisins, bread, etc. should be avoided, but you are probably already avoid these because you are well aware of my regimen and how it works, etc. Of course water helps to dilute sugars naturally present in fruit juices as well.

Madhava: I had gone for a colonic over a year ago, and would like to do it again, once a year ideally to keep the colon clean, but the cost is one factor. And getting something stuck up your rear is not ideal. I imagine your program may have the same effects as all these cleanses.

Shaktivirya: There is no need for colonics! I tried that method of cleansing a very long time ago and all it does is upset one's electrolyte balance which is not good. The high water, fiber, kombucha and kefir content of the diet should absolutely provide all the colon healing, health and maintenance you need!

Madhava: By the way, you must have heard of the Gerson Institute in San Diego, they are supposed to be healing cancer and other terminal diseases with an extreme regimen of juicing and coffee enemas.

Shaktivirya: Yes, they are doing great work!

Madhava: There's also Hippocrates Institute here in South Florida doing the same in a similar way with juices.

Shaktivirya: Yes, glad they exist, and I am very inspired by that group!

Madhava: They're really big on wheatgrass juice. I tried getting into it for a while, bought a 50 Lb sack of wheat kernels. Grew it for a while until I could not keep up with it and problems with mold, ants and grain beetles destroying the stash dampered my enthusiasm. Not to mention the terrible taste of wheatgrass.

Shaktivirya: I've gone through similar catastrophes too! I used to grow my own wheat grass, sprouts, etc., and most of the time it got far too moldy or rotten to eat, probably I was just too inexperienced, let it go too long before eating it, and it was done upstairs in my closet and bedroom during the late hot summer. I remember buying a whole pound of sesame seed only to find it full of weevils or sometimes silk worms! I also used to try to ferment my own acidophilus but no matter how careful I was, would often get horribly rotten batches or just blobs of cheese! Even worse were my attempts at making sunflower seed yogurt from rejuvelac! I nearly always ended up with rotten sunflower yogurt!

I've had to endure many unbelievable failures!

Madhava: Wonderful to hear of your spiritual experiences. It is nice to be in contact with someone who really is having such experiences rather than just reading about it, philosophying about it, and often subsequently just arguing about it being simply puffed up with acquired book knowledge.

Shaktivirya: Thank you. Yes I do "walk my talk" and yes, of course, there is major difference between counting the mangos and eating them!

Madhava: We are getting close to hammering out your program to make it seem more feasible for persons like myself.

Shaktivirya: That is terrific!

Madhava: You have kindly taken the time to answer many questions. And I have thought of a suggestion for your website perhaps you may like. You could if you wanted, just take these correspondences between us and create a sort of Q&A type of page where you post these questions, these letters between us. Personally I think it would be quite helpful to anyone who is interested in applying this diet because there are several important details which you have answered which have cleared up some important points making this program seem more feasible to me.

Shaktivirya: That is a great idea! I think maybe some kind of FAQ section.

Madhava: For instance the fact that the water fasting itself is perhaps the most important factor, which itself is a very low cost feature.

Shaktivirya: There you go... that is really how I want you to apply this program: by fully understanding the principle of how it works as a whole, rather than attaching too much importance to any one food or product, or getting all concerned about "should I take this herb or supplement or that herb or supplement?" Again, the whole idea is to water fast as long as you can between meals, and when you do eat, eat only the BEST possible nutrition you possibly can find for your body. This usually means high complete protein whole foods, green powders, essential fatty acids, all vitamins, all minerals, all enzymes, all antioxidants, herbs, etc.

Madhava: Then the actual costs of everything along with how much quantities of water and all these ingredients, etc. Many people will not be able to or maybe just not have the determination to acquire so many ingredients which you have listed. So boiling it all down to the absolute top most essential items is important.

Shaktivirya: Then I would have to say FRESH raw cage-free humanely raised organic eggs are one of the most important foods in my wholeness regimen. However you MUST make sure they are absolutely FRESH, otherwise you could get sick from salmonella poisoning. Of course you can always cook then too. They are otherwise a wonderful and inexpensive source of complete, antioxidant protein and are an awesome rejuvenator, great source of cholesterol (extremely important for hormones, bliss and well-being), and also is probably one of the most powerful longevity, libido enhancing foods ever! Therefore, I love to use eggs at least every other day. According to some experiments done with rats, eggs are so powerful that their longevity and rejuvenation benefit is not just limited the the generation who eats them, but also benefits the next generation too by creating much larger litters of much healthier rats! Amazing!

And when you combine the eggs with the Flora DHA flax oil, hemp milk and Miracle 2000 which I always do, then you have a nutritional mega-colossus. They are especially important if you are a vegetarian. Because I am trying to transition over to being a lacto-oval vegetarian, I find that eating eggs and the flax oil is essential. The flax oil in combination with the eggs would also be an excellent cancer treatment based on or similar to the Johanna Budwig Protocol except they used cottage cheese.

Oh nuts! After just writing all that, I think I remember you don't like to use eggs? Is that right? Anyway, it is the overall protocol that is important, and not so much any one particular food, so don't get discouraged if even a very important food is not included in your regimen.

Of course also important is: kombucha, goat milk yogurt, spirulina or chlorella, Green Machine green drink (or equivalent), pumpkin seed, almonds, apricot kernels (for B17), and plenty of dark purple berries and/or fruit. Vegetable juice, avocados, brown rice, black beans, protein powder, food grade yeast and goji berries are also important. Add the fourteen herbs whenever you eat the goat milk kefir or yogurt, spiralina, fruit, etc. and you are all set. By the way, it does not have to be exactly fourteen herbs, either!

Basically, you identify and purchase several of the more available, and hopefully least expensive and most desirable of the super foods, and make them your #1 source of nutritional support. everything ultimately depends on your degree of success, if you are spiritually successful, happy, blissful, and productive because of this regimen, then that is all that matters!

Madhava: For instance, I have notice that foremost amongst all the supplements, you have stuck with the miracle 2000 seeming to be your top choice supplement.

Shaktivirya: Yes, you are absolutely right! The Miracle 2000 or any equivalent liquid formula with all the vitamins, antioxidants, all macro-minerals, and the overlapping 74 trace elements would be perfect. Just this last year, I've become more and more reliant on this product rather than having to take so many different expensive supplements because of the rather shocking reduction in my income starting in February. This product is liquid so you can mix it with whatever you happen to be drinking on any particular day, and at the same time it covers nearly all your nutritional needs and because it is easily mixed into any liquid (and should be diluted or expanded anyway) is much more easily absorbed than any tablet or powder. I am also very happy with its nutritional benefits and effects! Therefore it is not optional it is essential.

Madhava: As you have mentioned, you no longer require the Green Vibrance - that is important to know because that stuff is now extremely expensive at like $70 a container. The price was $50 just a couple months back when I purchased, and recently got jacked up to $70. They had a big recall and I think they got killed on it and as a result had to hike the price.

Shaktivirya: Is that right? I did not know. I had to do a major cut-back in supplements (including the Green Vibrance) this year because I go laid off in January and my income (as just mentioned) stopped in February! I had to learn how to live on much less food also! It has been really rough, although I learned much more about how to cut costs, etc. and yet miraculously stay on my ideal diet regimen and somehow be able to continue my spiritual lifestyle research.

Madhava: So anyhow just a suggestion. And perhaps just a few questions left to clear up.

Shaktivirya: These are all great questions, yet very easy to answer.

Madhava: On the herbs, do you consume them by just mixing them all in with all the liquids ?

Shaktivirya: No. I only mix the herbs with the goat milk kefir (or yogurt), and therefore only have the herbs when I have the kefir, spirulina, purple grapes, blueberries, and/or plumbs, which is usually once ever three days.

Madhava: You mentioned how many teaspoons you take of these, is that every day you take all 14 herbs ?

Shaktivirya: No. Only once every three or sometimes two days or whenever I happen to have the meal containing the goat milk kefir (or yogurt), spirulina, purple grapes, blueberries, or purple plumbs. The herbs go best with the kefir. And the kombucha goes best with the acai smoothie pack and the "Green Machine" (or equivalent) green drink goes best with kombucha too. The liquid supplement, Miracle 2000 you have once a day with whatever main liquid food or kefir you happen to have on that day.

Madhava: You mentioned increase of fatty acid intake as essential. Which ingredients contain the fatty acids ?

Shaktivirya: I am using the Flora DHA flax seed oil to get most of the essential fatty acids, DHA and other important substances in or related to Omega 3s and 6s. Of course, the nuts, seed, and hemp seed milk provide some of the essential fatty acids as well, but no DHA as far as I know.

Madhava: Same question for acidophilus. Is that mostly from the kefir and kombucha ?

Shaktivirya: Yes. And I ferment the goat milk kefir (or yogurt if I happen to have some) in a warm location such as indirectly above a pilot flame for around a week so it has a wonderful tart flavor and is therefore also completely saturated with loads and loads of beneficial bacteria.

Madhava: Same for DHA, is that all supplied by the flax oil ?

Shaktivirya: There is a special type of flax oil, called "Flora DHA flax seed oil" which supplies the DHA.

I was wondering did you eve purchase my book, Seven Steps to Wholeness? Over the weekend, I went over every page and updated large sections of it, especially the diet sections.

I updated this page again over the weekend as well. To clarify the latest changes, I put "Optional" in front of all the supplements and certain other drinks and food.

Madhava: I have one other question right now that needs to be clarified. Again, regarding the consumption of herbs. See the two following statements of yours. One is what you have had already posted on your regimen page, and then is your most recent answer to my question regarding that statement.

"The first fourteen I take for my self one teaspoon daily except for ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, the optional 22 Antioxidant Spice Blend, and hawthorn berries I take one tablespoon. The nettle root is a miracle food, have one heaping tablespoon nettle root per day."

Shaktivirya: Oops!

Madhava: Madhava: You mentioned how many teaspoons you take of these, is that every day you take all 14 herbs ? Shaktivirya: No. Only once every three or sometimes two days

Shaktivirya: Yes, that is the latest and most correct statement. Sorry, but just as I have always done, I continue to shift and adjust the regimen from time to time to help reduce costs and increase effectiveness. I often find I can do both at once, thank goodness!

Madhava: So in the original statement you say one teaspn daily of 10 herbs & 1 tbspn of ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, nettle root. But then you said you take only once every 2 or 3 days. Maybe you just need to update that statement. And also, to be more clear, when you do take the herbs, is it 1 tspn of each herb, or just 1 teaspoon total ? In other words, do you actually take 10 teasoons and 4 tbspns of herbs all at once ? I know you already said it does not necessarly have to be all 14. But overall how many tspns & tbspns total do you take ? You already mentioned to me about mixing the herbs with kefir or yogurt. So do I mix in like anywhere up to 10 tspns and 4 tbspns ?

Shaktivirya: Thanks for pointing all that out to me. Yes, I forgot to update that statement and a similar one, and now will have to go back to my ebook and update that too. They say "the devil is in the details" and most surely they are right!

I found out recently that the herbs are best taken once every three days (with the kefir only) to help save money, increase their effectiveness, and also to prevent overdosing on them. My regimen is turning out to be more of a rotation diet in which you have tofu, rice, beans and vegetable juice on the first day, raw eggs, DHA, fruit and hemp milk on the second day, kefir, herbs, purple grapes, pumpkin seed and almonds on the third day, and the tofu, etc. on the fourth, etc. But the Miracle 2000 and DHA you would have every day.

Yes, you take around one teaspoon of each and every herb, but that amount does not have to be exact. My body seems to "tell" me how much of each herb I take, which is sometimes none at all, one teaspoon, one tablespoon, one heaping tablespoon because I take these herbs like they are food and have an innate desire for each one of them. Sometimes I feel like having larger quantities of the fo ti or ashwaganda, for example, because they would smell and taste so delicious, yet on some other days the nettle, for example, would attract my attention more and I would put a few extra teaspoons of that herb on my kefir. Make sense?

Madhava: Regarding your 7 steps to wholeness book, no I did not get that one yet because I had read the entire website, took notes and got the transmutation book and there is alot of stuff already to try to implement. But I would like to get that eventually.

Shaktivirya: Well I am glad that you found that you can in fact get at least the main part of my information without having to read any of my books. I think you should be able to get everything you need from my website, at least all that is important, if not essential. And I totally understand that in your situation, even three dollars can seem like a very serious amount to spend.

I have learned how to be utterly content and happy with nothing except a wonderful connection with God or Spirit and I continue to increase my connection with my higher self through ever deepening daily meditation, faith, love and devotion.

Madhava: I also wanted to ask you, you mentioned about recently where you saw at the welfare office, people were being given low quality foods, and one of the items you mentioned was bottled orange juice. What is the problem with OJ if it is 100 juice no sugar added ? I usually buy that stuff.

Shaktivirya: There might not be anything at all inherently wrong with freshly squeezed or juiced organic orange juice. However, there are countless varieties available of this very much overused beverage in pasteurized form, often high in natural fruit sugar and with a rather high acidity that could cause damage to the the teeth, gums and inner lining of the mouth and throat. If you have to have orange juice, I would dilute it with some drinking water and have only once a week. One of the main problems with orange juice, is that many people were raised on it, used it far too often, and developed some negative immune or addictive reactions to it. I seem to have a food sensitivity to orange juice, causing me to not feel well after drinking it. I might be able to handle a diluted form no more than once a week however. I am also far too busy working with drinks of a much higher biological value such as green drinks, acai and kombucha to bother much with orange juice.

Madhava: Also regarding milk, I use organic cow milk to make kefir. You mentioned you would not take anything from a cow, and I notice you use the goat milk products instead.

Shaktivirya: Like orange juice, there is a similar issue regarding pasteurized cow's milk, because nearly everyone was raised on massive quantities of cow's milk, our immune systems might by now have developed some sensitivity to it. I sometimes get a headache after I drink some cow's milk, even sometimes cow milk kefir. Goat milk products seem to not only taste better, but they seem to work much better for me.

Madhava: I understand regular cow milk with pesticides, hormones, GMO, etc., but what is the issue with organic cow milk ? I know that Hippocreates does not use any cow milk, they claim that the casein causes cancer.

Shaktivirya: Yes, the casein is a problem and it can be addictive, causing food cravings or false hunger, which is especially undesirable for my regimen which is based on the idea of eating less but getting more nutrition better obtained from other sources besides cow's milk. However fresh, raw, organic cow's milk from pasture raised grass fed happy cows might be ideal. So it all depends on the person's susceptibility of allergic reactions, sensitivity reactions and ability to digest the lactose in the cow's milk in the first place, and of course the quality of the milk, which is critical. However, goat milk can also present similar problems but to a lesser degree depending on its quality. Just don't have these foods every day!

Madhava: On the other hand, whey protein powder (by Optimum Nutrition) is perhaps the biggest selling nutritional item on Amazon with over 4000 rave reviews:

Shaktivirya: Wow, this stuff has chocolate flavoring too? I would have to stay away from anything with chocolate because there is something in cocoa (caffeine?) that gives me rather nasty neck pains or headaches.

Madhava: The whey protein is very popular for body builders or anyone into muscle gain. And evidently it is very effective for this purpose. If people take this and are experiencing great gains in muscle, strength and energy, one would assume that it must be very healthy and that the internal organs are working very effectively with this stuff. Then on the other hand some body builders use steroids which does the same but eventually destroys the internal organs. And interestingly, this whey powder is not organic, so it must contain some toxins.

Shaktivirya: Like I said in a previous letter to you, whey protein is not only high in casein, it is also quite concentrated in natural milk sugar. In fact it tastes almost like a diluted form of white sugar! I am quite leery of anything that is too sweet because it can be addicting. There are few nutrients in whey that are of high biological value, other than as a quick energy source leading to a let-down along with the common side-effects one usually gets with drinking milk or eating to much cheese.

Madhava: But organic milk, what is the issue there ? At least in ancient indian culture, and according to the vedic scriptures, cow's milk is a nutritious food meant for humans, and thus why the cow is considered sacred. We get milk from our mother as a baby and then cow's milk as we grow up, so the cow is considered like a mother.

Shaktivirya: Yes, in its most natural state, there might not be any issues with cow's milk. In fact I often used butter (or ghee) in my food from time to time many years ago with mainly good effects.

Madhava: I am aware of some of the arguments that cow's milk is not efficiently assimilated by humans and so forth, such as put forth by Hippocrates. So what is your understanding ?

Shaktivirya: Some people might be lactose intolerant and others like my self might, like I mentioned above, have an allergic sensitivity to milk. In any case, if you have to have cow's milk ONLY get the organic kefir or organic yogurt.

Madhava: Your diet is becoming more and more fine tuned to where it is seeming to be more practical and affordable. Even the latest 3 day rotation schedule makes it more practical and precise. I think we have it pretty well down now to where I can start gathering some of the main components and begin implementing.

Shaktivirya: Great! I also just updated the regimen again this morning which now includes a much clearer "view" of the diet. Yes, there are about three or four days that you eat or drink a fairly different variety of foods each day.

Madhava: Primarily I'll be looking to increase and lighten up my energy. I have been feeling heavy sluggish energy, especially in the morning out of bed. As a child I recall springing out of bed in the morning feeling light, refreshed and energetic. As the years rolled by getting up became difficult. For years I did often arise around 4 am, sometimes with only 6 hours of sleep, as part of my devotional regimen. However this was never easy, and the feeling of tiredness would stay with me all morning.

Shaktivirya: Yes, this increasing sluggishness is exactly what I felt and it too seemed to get worse and worse as I grew older. The scary part was that this excess tiredness started as early as my teens!!!

Your adrenals, thyroid and other vital glands and organs might be exhausted. The main culprit is the food that you eat too often and too much of. The human body is far better off with much less food but much more water and correct high protein and enzyme nutrition.

Madhava: As mentioned I have tried alot of things but nothing has ever made a significant lasting effect. If this diet can help restore the ability to awaken refreshed and remain energized that would seem miraculous.

Shaktivirya: It would not be miraculous to me, just common sense. I now have far more energy than I know what to do with! Infrequent eating of high nutrition meals is the main key. You might feel hungry at first while adjusting to this way of eating, but when you are on the right track, you will be overwhelmed with bliss.

Madhava: As for contacting higher self, etc. This is always my goal, yet lately I feel to be so disconnected, likely as a result of having my focus diverted to dealing with various material conditions.

Shaktivirya: Yes, for years I had the same problem such as not feeling connected and often felt frustrated, tired, bored and quite lonely. Most of the time, material conditions definitely suck, but I've managed somehow to rise above them by controlling my food intake and regular meditation and contact with Spirit.

Madhava: I do continue my practice of recording all my dreams. However I have not had any lucid or spiritual/inspirational type dream at least that I can recall in maybe 6 months or more. Whereas prior to that, when I was practicing the awakening/ back to sleep method, I was having OBE type experiences a couple times a week. But now I just been feeling more or less stifled and burdened with heavy energy. And at 5'7" and 205 lbs, I'm about 25 lbs over my ideal weight and struggling to lose even one pound.

Shaktivirya: Eating well balanced, high protein meals is the key to controlling appetite and losing weight. Any other method is most likely to fail. It is especially important to get as high protein intake as possible while combining that protein with all the minerals, enzymes, probiotics, liquids, and vitamins that your body needs.

Madhava: Cutting down big on solid foods should help lighten me up. My wife will be gone for a month or more. She cooks regularly and often makes things with whole wheat flour.

Shaktivirya: Yikes! Pardon me saying this, but after countless misadventures in the realms of diet, whole wheat flower has turned out to be one of the most frightening nutritional catastrophes I've ever come across! Its low protein, high carbohydrate, high phytate, low mineral content, low nutrient density, and low pH profile can easily increase the chances of adult diabetes, weight gain, uncontrolled appetite, tiredness and just plain depression. There is meant to be absolutely no wheat flouer (and similar whole grain flours) in my diet. However I do allow some whole brown rice once every three or four days or whenever you eat the meal that contains the brown rice, beans, turmeric, avocado, and vegetable juice. Occasional ground millet or quinoa might be OK, because these grains are more alkaline. Occasional buckwheat (not at all related to wheat) might be good too.

Madhava: The tendency is to eat more solid food than I would on my own. If I can get to where I'm experiencing the positive effects of this diet than I will have more determination to avoid the solid food. Now will be a good chance for me to make the effort.

Shaktivirya: Yes, it can be much harder and trickier to modify your diet if one has someone else doing the cooking for you!

Madhava: Another question for you, it's regarding the tofu. Obviously it's working for you. But what do you think about the fact it is such a controversial substance ? I have heard alot of negatives about soy. Here's a few of the things that come up:

"Whole soybeans are rich in micronutrients, but they also contain phytates which block absorption of minerals. Soybeans are very rich in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can cause problems."

"stay away from soy milk as it slows down metabolism."

"The isoflavones found in soy can activate and/or inhibit estrogen receptors in the body, which can disrupt the body's normal function."

on the neutral or positive side they say:

"Many believe that soy can reduce testosterone levels, but the effect appears to be weak and inconsistent. Some studies show a small reduction, while others find no effect."

There is some evidence that soy can lower cholesterol levels, although studies show conflicting results. Men who consume soy are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer in old age.

Whatever good is reportedly found, they say that info is from reports funded by the soy industry. Most of this info was given here:

Shaktivirya: Soy beans are just another ordinary food with all its pros and cons. You can choose practically any food, and you will always find both good things and bad things written about it. There are many naturally occurring toxins in nearly all organic vegetables that are many times higher than some common pesticide residues. Rhubarb and spinach, for example, are very high in oxalic acid. This is why it is important to have a wide variety of different, but carefully selected whole foods in your diet.

Madhava: I've never been much of a tofu fan because I just don't like the taste. On top of that all the negatives I've heard about it. I could eat it though if I were convinced that is fully beneficial. I assume soy is part of your diet due mainly to the high protein content. So these are the only 2 items, the soy and the eggs, that for myself I'd need to replace with something else. But like I mentioned, I'll be using pea protein powder, so I think that should be an adequate replacement for these items.

Shaktivirya: Well, I think pea protein powder is many times better than whey, which is too high in milk sugar and contains casein. Are you allergic to eggs? If not, they are one of the finest and most complete protein health foods on the planet, especially if combined with Flora DHA flax oil and the Miracle 2000. As I will explain later, organic baked tofu is generally not as bad as soy milk, especially if you only have a little tofu once every three days. Another thing, baked seasoned tofu tastes much better than regular tofu and is even more concentrated in protein.

Madhava: About the spirulina, boy I can't stand the taste of that stuff- like fish.

Shaktivirya: You know, the the issue of taste often comes up. Well, spirulina obviously needs to be taken with something else such as tart (well-fermented) kefir or yogurt. Others prefer to add it to their favorite juice or beverage, etc.

I must be one of the most unusual people in the world, because I seem to CRAVE the unusual tastes of these powders and supplements such as bee pollen, spirulina, fo ti, ashwaganda, noni powder, licorice root, nettle root and saw palmetto berry, etc. It is an aquired taste, yet worth getting used to because of the obvious health benefits.

I have to admit my disappointment with people who don't like the taste of certain natural foods especially if they may provide many essential and very beneficial biochemicals. However one does aquire a taste for them and learn how to combine with other foods in a way that makes them more enjoyable.

Many years ago, I created a formula for my dad that contained a mixture of bee pollen, ground pumpkin seed and saw palmetto berries, pygeum and nettle root because I was concerned about his prostate health. Unfortunately, because he did not enjoy the taste of it, (to me it was utterly delicious!) he instead declined it and ended up having prostate surgery which of course has terrible consequences or side-effects.

To me, it seemed profoundly stupid that anyone would much rather only eat something that tastes good and only what one is used to eating all one's life utterly biologically useless "food" such a tea and biscuits, rather than easily avoid the terrible consequences of prostate surgery simply by changing all the foods one eats to the above mentioned natural regimen. Of course, part of that decision is influenced by the unfortunate notion (implanted by misguided pharmaceutically oriented medical doctors) that eating pumpkin seed, bee pollen and saw palmetto powder, etc., would somehow not provide any protection for the prostate whatsoever, even though countless studies have proven otherwise.

The medical statistics of the percentage of men in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who need to have their prostates treated or removed due to inflammation, BPH, or even cancer, can be utterly frightening. Statistics show that 4 out of 10 men over age 55 have an enlarged prostate. This number increases to 7 out of 10 as men get into their 70's. Well I am 57 and it is not even beginning to show any such symptoms thanks to my life-long regimen of total health.

Madhava: And I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to choking down horrible tasting green juices just for health sake. I had gotten a bottle of the hawaiian spirulina which seems to be the highest quality stuff on Amazon, but $30 a Lb compared to the one your displaying for $17.58.

Shaktivirya: The spirulina that really tastes good (at least for me anyway) and makes me feel wonderful is the kind I get from However, like I said before, the only way I can really enjoy spirulina is with kefir or yogurt.

Madhava: But what do you think about all the negative reports on soy ?

Shaktivirya: FIrst of all, I no longer recommend soy milk, because many companies that make it are creating versions of it that are not good for health and are too high in toxic by-products. It would be far better to use seed milks, especially hemp seed milk, which has much more nutritional benefit than both soy milk and cow's milk. If you still would like to consider drinking soy milk, I am not sure which companies are worse or best, except for Eden Foods, which might produce the best soy milk.

However, I am not as concerned about organic baked tofu which is simply a soy curd made directly from soy beans. The same thing applies to NATTO which is a very healthful fermented soy product. Anyway, the best thing might be rather than avoiding tofu completely, as with any food, simply don't eat too much of it, too often! Let's also remember that tofu is included in my regimen in the first place to help replace some much more morally devastating foods such as red meats, fish, chicken, and turkey and the addictive, nutritionally unbalanced dairy product, cheese. Tofu is the "lessor of the two evils" wouldn't you agree?

I know we've discussed the pros and cons of various common foods and related products, however, the main thing that is so vital to learn from all of the problems associated with them, is that in may cases, even food itself may be "bad" for you, and one must moderate it's intake only to the minimum amount required by the body, and drink more fresh mineral water instead.

(end of discussion)

My Regimen Previous To 2013 - Now Out of Date! - This Is What My Diet Looked Like in past years but can still be useful as a reference and for adding more variety to the present regimen:

Get as many fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, green powders, adaptogenic herbal formulas, all macro minerals and trace minerals, etc. as can comfortably fit into the diet. However, don't try to include every single last item listed, that may not be possible! There are many items listed, just include the ones you need the most and gradually work toward including those items most available to you and that you can afford.

An illustration of an example of actually following this regimen would look something like the following examples. However, sometimes I would skip a meal and not have it until the next day, or have dinner at lunch time and then breakfast late at night, etc. depending on day to day circumstances and appetite:

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE: Hemp milk, food grade yeast, ground raw pumpkin, raw peanuts, raw almonds, raw sunflower, raw sesame and raw oats, fresh blueberries, blackberries (or other high water content, high enzyme fresh fruit such as papaya, plums, and/or other dark purple fruit or raw fruit), two raw organic beets, one rounded tablespoon hawthorn berry powder, two 100 gm. acai smoothie packs (by Sambazon), and all your adaptogenic herbs (see section 3.6 below), green powders, and all your vitamin supplements, etc. all blended together with the hemp milk (or other seed milk) in a high-powered blender (see section on Omni-Meal below) and then slowly mix in some kombucha or other good source of probiotic culture such as a leading liquid acidophilus formula.

The amount made above should be enough to fill an entire Vitamix blender and be enough for two days: drink the first half today and the second half tomorrow. There is a great benefit combining the beets and hawthorn berry powder, but don't insist on trying to obtain all of the above ingredients. You should vary the ingredients a little each time you create this smoothie anyway to avoid boredom or monotony of taste.

With this meal include one or two thin slices of 100% natural, unsweetened, organic multigrained unleavened bread (such as Mestemacher) or whole raw ground organic oats as needed to help balance your energy intake with the necessary complex carbohydrates. Please avoid commercial breads (even so called "whole" or enriched wheat bread) which are really nothing more than puffed up and sugared wheat dough packed with dangerous hydrogenated oils.

Fast between breakfast and dinner on one half gallon of alkaline mineral water. Amount of liquid may vary according to body size and individual need.

DINNER: Two to six scrambled eggs or omelet, (if allergic to eggs then use: vegetarian sausages, tofu, beans or lentils), raw or cooked vegetables, broccoli sprouts, L&A or Knudsen organic Vegetable juice (from glass bottles only), brown rice, turmeric and other antioxidant herbs or botanicals (see section 3.6 below).

Follow this meal with approximately one cup of raw ground unhulled sesame seed, hemp milk (or other seed milk), two tablespoons spirulina, a couple tablespoons bee pollen, kombucha (of which there are many brands available), acai and/or blueberry/blackberry juice plus one capful (two tablespoons) of Alive! Whole Food Energizer by Nature's Way Miracle 2000 by Total Body Nutrition, or any complete liquid or tablet multivitamin and complete multi-mineral supplement with all trace elements.

With this meal (as with breakfast and in same amount) include some 100% natural, unsweetened, organic multigrained unleavened bread (such as Mestemacher) or whole raw ground organic oats as needed.

Additional antioxidants and help for mental and emotional well-being: One might also try some of the following supplements (not all at once, but add one at a time and if any improvement occurs, then stick with the supplement): one tablespoon Chyavanprash (Himalaya Herbal Healthcare), 2 Cps. Mind Care (Himalaya Herbal Healthcare), 1 cap. Glutathione 250 mg. (Now), 2 tabs Choline Inositol 500 mg. (Kal), 1 cap. L-5-HTP 100 mg. (Mothers), Omega Brain Performance (Rainbow Light), 1 cap. L-Theanine 100 mg. (Kal), 1 cap. Resveratrol 100 mg. (MRM), and 2 cps. Sharp Mind (Solaray).

Vitamin D supplementation needed for emotional well-being and mineral metabolism: 5,000 to 10,000 IU Vit D3 and some vitamin K2. If you think this amount of vitamin D is excessive, please do some research on vitamin D and K2 and you will find that vitamin D toxicity is extremely rare and only in very, very high doses such as from consuming somewhere between 40,000 and 2,000,000 IUs daily for a year. Vitamin K2 increases one's tolerance to levels of vitamin D above 40,000 IUs.

Special herbs for vivid dreams and even lucid dreaming and possible out-of-body experiences: Calea zacatechichi (also known as Calea turnifolia). Take one to two capsules finely ground powder with water the moment one first awakes (after sleeping 3-5 hours). Plantain and mugwort are also said to improve dreaming recall, although not as powerful as Calea z. Mugwort is a fine herb, but I have seen contraindications: it should only be used temporarily or occasionally; prolonged and habitual use of mugwort can result in nervousness and liver damage.


Ideally, one would drink plenty of ionized water all day (or Crystal Geyser bottled alpine spring water if no ionizer is available) until dinner around five o'clock in the evening - or as long as you can comfortably maintain the daily fast - (instead of snacking or eating between meals). One might consider purchasing a Water for Life USA water Ionizer.

To help lenthen the fast, flush out one's digestive system, and to avoid an even stronger tendency to snack, and to get the benefit of increasing one's pH intake, one could add (repeated from previous section) 1 to 3 teaspoons dolomite, and 3/4 teaspoon sea salt (Himalayan salt might be even better) for every half gallon of water and drink between 1/2 and 1.5 gallons of this (ionized) water per day as needed.

Another item that I found to be useful (although not essential) is to open up and mix in one capsule (500 mg.) Source Naturals HydrogenBoost. This miraculous substance is also known as Microhydrin from RBC Life Sciences and is the most concentrated antioxidant in the world because every particle of it contains trillions of atoms of ionized hydrogen inside a silicon "Bucky ball" which provides an excellent source of silica as well.

Especially if one has an active lifestyle, one could also drink up to one-half gallon of vegetable juice every day which can help one benefit greatly during the fasting process without causing the imbalances that fruit alone would often cause. This vegetable juice could be made from various raw vegetables such as beet, carrot, lettuce, celery, parsley, and cucumber or from bottled vegetable juice such as (low sodium) V8 or (low sodium) L&A Vegetable. You can drink this vegetable juice in place of or as well as the ionized water. I do not encourage fruit juice fasting; fruit juice tends to be too high in sugar and can cause imbalances in blood sugar levels in some people, especially during a fast. Drinking plenty of vegetable juice during a fast can make the fast much more comfortable and enjoyable, with a far greater likelyhood of success.

It might also be good to sometimes supplement one teaspoon of pure Vit. C crystals OR Microhydrin to the bottled vegetable juice or add some dolomite to it. Experiment and see what works best for you. Drink anything with Vit. C crystals right away, otherwise it will go bad quickly. Vit. C immediately starts to oxidize (break down) after being dissolved in water. Don't mix the vitamin C with the Microhydrin, otherwise the two will react.

Fast between meals instead of snacking as long as you can comfortably abstain from eating. My natural rhythm usually turns out to be one meal a day even when working hard all day. This length of time between meals may be quite a while for most people, especially when starting out and the diet may not yet be complete.

Do not eat again until drinking at least a half-gallon of water. Fast for as long as comfortable between meals. Wait at least four hours after eating before drinking most of the water, otherwise too much water right after eating could interfere with digestion. When you get used to fasting, you will only need to eat an average of one meal a day if the meal is absolutely complete. One's age and metabolism may also have an effect on length and duration of fasts between whole, complete meals.

The main key substances most essential for longer and more enjoyable fasts between meals is complete protein and natural fats from raw nuts and seed. Therefore be sure to include at least several excellent sources of protein in your diet such as protein powder, food grade yeast, chlorella, and other super food green powders and plenty of fresh, raw ground nuts and seed. Fasting between meals helps one to understand more quickly how to get energy from vital prana while enjoying more spare time to accomplish other tasks.

The list of ingredients is very long, therefore I underlined the most essential formulas and some important key foods. Add what you can of everything else and try to have that which was not included in following list on the next day. Don't raid all the health food stores in the universe for everything listed in this book, just include what is most conveniently available for you to include from the list for each day. There might also be some excellent supplements and whole foods easily available to you not included in my list. Be sure never to repeat any food or supplement more often than once every day. Instead have as much variety as possible:

3.6 - The Complete List of All Supplements, Herbs and Foods

ANIMAL PROTEINS: The quality of the protein source one needs to have is most important, however, I don't support the eating of red meat such as lamb, beef, pork, etc. (even sometimes chicken, turkey and fish) which are often full of hormones, tranquilizers, antiobiotics, etc. not to mention the fact that mammals are higher life forms we should not be eating at all anyway. I feel that eating meat is immoral and have a conflict within myself whenever my body seems to demand such food.

I would much rather not have to eat any form of meat at all, but poultry or fish would still be much better than any form of red meat which I NEVER eat! It would be even better to eat only sardines or salmon or other small fish than poultry. Please make sure your poultry and fish is of the purest quality, sustainably and ethically raised and packed with no added salt or oils. Avoid the "big guys" at the top of food chain such as tuna, shark, swordfish, etc. as they accumulate extra quantities of deadly heavy metals such as mercury.

VEGETARIANS: Everyone is different and if perfectly satisfied with and feel the strong need to be vegetarian (I would much prefer everyone become vegetarian), you can substitute fish and poultry with high omega 3 free range chicken eggs (high omega 3 eggs have the greatest biological value of any animal protein), protein powders, food grade yeast, various legumes combined with brown rice, vegetarian substitute proteins such as vegetarian sausages, tofu, tempeh, and/or imitation vegetarian turkey, chicken or Loma Linda Vege-Burger and Swiss Steaks, etc.

VEGETABLE JUICES: Raw Vitamixed (blended) Vegetable juice with L&A Vegetable or organic Lakewood Super Veggie added (please avoid vegetable juice from plastic bottles), Sauerkraut or Pickled Vegetables. The Vitamixed, blended or finely chopped raw vegetables should include Peppers, Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Beets, Radishes, Greens, Tomatoes, Carrots, Squash, etc., Dried Parsley and/or Basil Flakes and Lemon Balm.

BOTANICALS: One to two tablespoons of an herbal antioxidant formula (Antioxidant Spice Blend from such as: Turmeric Root, Cinnamon Bark, Coriander Seed, Ginger Root, Fenugreek Seed, Green Tea, Lemon Peel, Paprika, Caraway Seed, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Allspice, Spice, Rosemary, Sage, Cloves, Thyme, Dill Seed, Cumin, Liquorice Root and Mustard Seed; Cayenne Pepper, Kelp, and Shiitake Mushrooms.

HIGH PROTEIN MIXTURE: Ground raw whole goji berries, all supplements and adaptogenic herbs (listed below), peanuts, almonds, raw pumpkin seed, raw sesame seed, raw sunflower, and raw oats; two tablespoons barley grass, 1-2 tablespoons noni powder, 1-4 tablespoons bee pollen, 1-2 tablespoons food grade yeast, and roughly 1 oz. or two tablespoons of Green Vibrance. (Grind up a reasonable combination of any of the above or similar foods into one dry mixture and either eat or freeze immediately.) Add hemp milk, tofu, and one or two Acai Smoothie packs to half a bowl of the above mixture and enjoy! (Make enough to last several days and this mixture will help you save money on supplements and herbs while increasing their potential.)

ADAPTOGENIC HERBS: Adaptogenic herbs are types of botanicals or herbs that help to rejuvenate the entire endocrine system while providing many healing substances such as antioxidants for the body. Herbs of this kind generally help the body and nervous system to adapt to stress whether it be emotional or physiological.

Some adaptogenic herbs seem to work better on their own or only in specific combinations. Therefore it is especially important to first try only one or two herbs, and if they don't improve your sense of well-being or outlook on life, then discontinue taking them and try another and another, etc. until you are definitely benefiting from several in combination. Everyone's body is unique, so it is essential that you experiment to find your own best combination and amounts of each to take.

Never throw any large assortment of herbs together (unless it is already a well-known synergistic formula for the condition you wish to correct or improve), thinking they will all work together. That approach might sometimes work, but in most cases too many herbs together will only counteract one another and confuse your body, wasting your money, time and energy. I would start out with a simple formula such as Rhodiola Rosa, Bacopa, and Fo Ti, which I've found to be an excellent combination for the mind, body and spirit.

Here is the list of adaptogenic herbs and herbal formulas that can be of great benefit to you: Dabur Chyawanprash (Ayurvedic antioxidant, adaptogenic, anti-stress, immune system building, nerve and body strengthening herbal formula), hawthorn berries, cinnamon (helps with sugar metabolism), ground ginger root, and (roughly 1 oz. or two tablespoons) of a complex adaptogenic and mind enhancing herbal formula such as ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, fo ti, mucuna pruriens, epimedium, maca, camu camu, eleuthero, licorice root, St. John's wort, avena sativa, bacopa, and ginkgo. Men should also include: saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, and sarsaparilla. women could also benefit from damiana, dong qui and possibly sarsaparilla, but men can also benefit from damiana too.

SUPPLEMENTS: Kombucha (of which there are many brands available) I use One capful daily (two tablespoons) of Alive! Whole Food Energizer by Nature's Way or Miracle 2000 by Total Body Nutrition (or any complete liquid or tablet multivitamin and complete multi-mineral supplement with all trace elements), one or two tablets Super Nutrition Antioxidant Power, two tablets KAL Amino-Max, and up to 5000 IU Vit. D-3 (depending on individual need and daily exposure to sunlight), one tablet Circulation Factors (Biochem), Ecklonia Cava (Seanol), and one soft-gel Coenzyme Q10, 400 mg (Natural Factors).

BRAIN SUPPORT: Those with the most severe mental and emotional difficulties (memory, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, sleep problems, etc.) might also add one or more of the following supplements such as one to three capsules Mind Care (Himalaya), one tablespoon Chyavanprash, three capsules Sharp Mind (Solaray), one tablet Circulation Factors (Biochem), Ecklonia Cava (Seanol), Omega Brain Performance (Rainbow Light), 100 mg. B6 (KAL), 1-2 grams Niacinamide, and one or two 1 gram tablets of Reacta-C (KAL), one tablet Vinpocetine (Source Naturals), 200 mg. B6, and 5 grams L-Tryptophan. One needs to experiment with each one of these supplements to find the most efficient combinations and doses.

IMPORTANT: As I have said before regarding most supplements, it is not advisable to add all of them at once, but to add only a few at a time as needed until you are extremely happy with results. If you can remember enjoying extremely restful and vivid colorful dreams and always sleep extremely well without any interruption throughout the night and then waking up around 6:30 in the morning feeling absolutely perfect and absolutely incredible, then you are on the right track!

A LIQUID ALKALINE ELECTROLYTE FORMULA (to use instead of snacking and to help increase pH intake): One would add 3 teaspoons dolomite, one teaspoon potassium chloride powder, and 1/2 teaspoon SEA salt for every one-half gallon of ionized water. Another item to be added is to open up and mix in one caspsule 500 mg. Source Naturals HydrogenBoost This miraculous substance is also known as Microhydrin from RBC Life Sciences and is the most concentrated antioxidant in the world (because it contains ionized hydrogen) and was mentioned in previous parts of this book and website.


Once you are thoroughly familiar with all the super foods, supplements, etc. and have been on this regimen for at least several weeks, always suffered poor digestion throughout your life, and are not yet completely satisfied with results, you should consider going on a 100% liquid diet.

If you would like to continue to feel even better, improve your digestion dramatically, increase your energy levels to greater heights while saving even more money on groceries, supplements, etc. as well as greatly reducing stress and anxiety, find a way to blend all your food in a blender to create various recipes in the form of high protein soups and antioxidant smoothies.

All physical food that I live on will be blended with either vegetable juice, hemp milk and some ionized water from now on. I was on a liquidarian diet sometime around 2003, but had not yet realized how to make such a change permanent. This time instead of removing any foods from my diet I felt I could not blend well, I simply keep all the same foods, but blended extremely, extremely well (thoroughly) with a vegetable juice or hemp milk along with raw fruits, nuts and seed.

Regarding food sensitivities, I recently discovered that my digestion works FAR better when everything I eat is finely and I mean EXTREMELY finely broken down and dissolved into liquid. My digestion works a 100% better giving be a whole new sense of well-being, energy, spiritual awareness, amazing dreams, etc. When food is broken down into much finer particles and dissolved into water, the surface area of available nutrients is increased thousands of times over making it possible to not only absorb more nutrition so much better, but also cut in half the amount of actual food needed.

Vast amounts of physical energy goes into digesting large chunks of solid food, but when everything is finely blended and then thoroughly dissolved into water, not only do we absorb more nutrition, we save our bodies massive amounts of energy and time required to digest all that food, while at same time reduce the free-radical generating toxins from unfriendly bacteria that feeds and multiplies on the massive amounts of undigested food as most of the solid food eaten actually is wasted and goes right through the body.

Now I can really enjoy far less waste and far greater efficiency than ever before, while at the same time increase my water intake dramatically. Most of the work of digestion is simply to break down and dissolve food substances into liquid form, because that is the ONLY way nutrients can enter into the bloodstream where it can be carried to all the cells. Obviously, if there is not enough liquid available, most of the nutrition cannot be absorbed and is therefore wasted, causing indigestion and gas.

I feel I am REALLY on to something very exciting with the idea of living entirely on a liquidation diet. I discovered that blending the food for five to ten minutes or until nearly perfectly and fully broken down and dissolved into water, seems to dramatically reduce the food sensitivity and anxiety reactions that I have suffered so much from.

This effect is especially true regarding raw food, even though raw in many ways is better than cooked, cooked food is nevertheless completely free of unfriendly bacteria and much softer. When ALL the raw (as well as cooked) is completely broken down and dissolved into water, the digestive enzymes can fully process the food before unfriendly bacterial cause all those unpleasant symptoms so often associated with poor digestion.

The liquid diet is one of the last and most essential steps before becoming breatharian, and I never felt closer to this possibly, so I am quite excited.

An interesting thing happened to me after trying this new form of taking in nourishment. My energy levels increased rather dramatically. After adding a gram or two of niacinamide, it resulted in vivid dreams all night, some rather filled with love! I enjoyed the best meditations imaginable, and found immense joy while at work. I enjoyed deeper conversations with others than ever before and my heart bursted out with immense love for everyone I came across. I was flooded with an indescribable happiness so deep I could not contain it. My body could no longer contain the vastness of the spirit with me.

For more details on the health foods used for this abstemious diet, please go to the Super Foods/Antioxidants page. My favorite source to order fresh herbs from is Mountain Rose Herbs. Be sure to order powdered herbs only whenever available. If they are not bought ground into a fine powder then it would not be possible to eat them raw and they would have to be either steeped in boiling water or ground up using your own grinder or blender (not recommended and too time consuming). The rest of your herbs and supplements can be found at the Diet and Nutrition section of

WARNING: if any adverse reactions occur, please track down what is causing them and discontinue that part or all of the diet that could be causing the problem. Most reactions are caused by too frequent exposure of certain substances naturally present in the foods or supplements consumed. Drink plenty of water between meals and don't expose yourself to the offending substance again, or at least for another four days to a week and if there is no reaction then continue to have only once every four days to a week. This low caloric diet works on some principles not yet fully understood by modern medicine.

Avoid comercial vegetable oils, packaged cereals, bread, bananas, cheese, meats, dried fruit, desserts, etc. and replace with soy, grain, nut and seed milks, raw eggs, fresh juicy fruits, fresh herbs, and high water content (raw) vegetables instead.

How valuable is this utterly priceless information to you? Please go here to support my vital research! This website and all that I painfully learned from all my suffering, efforts, etc., could all disappear, go unnoticed and be lost forever (God forbid!) unless at least one person out there would be kind and generous enough to provide some really substantial support. Because of life-long personal set-backs along with a long history of non-appreciation and materialistic closed-mindedness, this website, unfortunately balances precariously between existence and non-existence. It has been and continues to be a really serious battle between the dark forces of chaos and ignorance verses the constructive influences of wisdom, love and spirituality.


Please don't hoard this information to yourself! Please share a link to this page with everyone
you know on FaceBook, through e-mail, and through other major social networking websites!


I studied books on great yogis for years and noted that the most miraculous, long-lived and advanced yogis also seem to have the most abstemious eating habits, yet are lively, full of energy, bliss and joviality. Most assume the long fasts and not having to eat that much as just one of many aspects of their miraculous lifestyle. And another assumption is they are so advanced because of lifetimes of yoga self-discipline thereby excluding most of us ordinary folk from the status enjoyed by these "etherial" Christ-like beings.

I have a different theory which is based on where these spiritual giants originated from and the real, underlying cause of their amazing spiritual status. Why do most of them originate on the high mountain regions of the Himalayan wilderness and other remote parts of India and Tibet and never in the middle of New York city or the Los Angeles basin?

The pristine environment plays a huge role in the development and origination of these great beings who often mastered breath, death and disease seemingly through advanced yogic disciplines alone such as the Kriya yoga and other intense forms of deep meditation practiced throughout their lifetime. All kinds of saints and avatars sprang forth from remote and pristine locations where the atmosphere is quite rarified, not so much from more conventional and "civilized" locations if at all. After all, how many awesome saints and avatars originate from the western hemisphere or from other countries besides India and Tibet? There are still many from other parts of the world but rarely reaching quite the same level of realization and mastery over life and death as the yogi-Christs of ancient and perhaps more recent India.

The knowledge of Yoga enriched many other parts of the world, thanks to great masters like Vivekananda and Yogananda. However, we do not find those of the same calibre of the great yogis of old such as Mahavatar Babji or Sri Yuckteswar Giri originating from outside of India and Tibet. My theory is, real yoga, and I mean really advanced yoga to the point where death is mastered completely is possible only where the chemistry of the diet and water consumed is perfectly balanced. The alkaline effect of massive quantities of minerals and the consumption of various exotic and adaptogenic herbs and vegetables could be part of the cause of some of the terrific spiritual states and powers attained. The alkalinity of these minerals could be neutralizing metabolism and metabolic wastes to the point of metabolic suspension and an entirely different and advanced level of supra-biophysical function. Hot, spicy food and many of the other special and exotic herbs, etc., often present in Indian cuisine may help to increase circulation to all the nerve-centers (chakras) organs of the body while increasing endorphins dramatically, making it vastly easier to meditate deeply and fast longer.

Because the modern American (or western) diet (MAD)* or something similar to this madness prevails widely throughout the world, we are experiencing a massive decline in spirituality. Much of this way of eating is exactly the opposite of the way the great yogis of old had their food and mineral-rich water. The unpolluted soil in those areas was extremely rich in very beneficial minerals of every kind known; at least 74 macro and trace minerals. The glacial run off, called "glacial milk" was a perfectly balanced source of negatively charged silicon, calcium, magnesium, etc., that created perfectly beautiful pastures of rich green grasses that the goats, sheep and cows would graze on daily, creating a perfect supply of fresh, raw, mineral rich milk and a "factor X" butter. The crops would yield perfect, mineral-rich fruits and vegetables of enormous size, variety, number and beauty.

It was almost impossible not to get all one needed from the locally grown fruit, spices, vegetables, nuts, seed, legumes, rice, and locally pasture-grazed animals. The original organic farmers kept their soils from depletion by regularly mixing in a mineral rich wood ash. There was never any tooth decay, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, crime nor mental illness found on these high places! In such high-energy, pristine, ultra-high pranic environments, it was quite easy and natural to enjoy long fasts, and long periods of breathless meditation in deep samadhi. Any yoga technique would work under those situations!

Unfortunately, no one can bring down all the benefits, diets and lifestyles of the high, pristine Himalayan environment into the cities and western countries. Only the yoga techniques, teachings, spiritual blessings, and philosophy have been exported and to some extent they worked in the west, but literally, they (the gurus) casted their seeds of ageless yogic truth on the stony ground of incorrect nutrition instead of the nutrition directly from the mineral-rich soils of mountain-valley Himalayan pastures.

However, as long as one can supply all the minerals and a highly enriched diet fortified by all the correct spices, herbal and antioxidant supplementation, it may become possible for the same absolutely breath-taking states of spiritual bliss to occur anywhere in the world. I know this is true because I am experiencing some of these effects myself!

*The MAD or modern day American diet consists of nearly all typical foods eaten in western countries such as breads, cheeses, red meats, pizza, french fries and other fried food, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasteurized dairy products, processed food, sugar, and all commercially grown fruits and vegetables rather than what is grown in mineral-rich soil on organic farms. All the "health-disaster" beverages such as coffee, pasteurized milk, diet sodas, colas, beer and other alcoholic drinks are also part and parcel of this diet. At the same time, many vital components are missing.

In contrast is the natural diet of ancient times (before agriculture) consisting of fish, raw eggs, raw butter, herbs, spices, nuts, seed, legumes, fruit, greens and tubers found in 100% natural soil with absolutely no minerals missing. We can start to reclaim our oringinal birthright of natural bliss and yogic states of deep meditation by using the following regimen:

Two tablespoons 70-74 mineral colloidal formula, four capsules full-spectrum mineral powder, and one or two teaspoons (or take tablets which might be more convenient) of dolomite, and 1/4 to 3 teaspoons cayenne pepper for every 2 quarts of ionized water constitutes a "mineral milk" being consumed on a regular basis between whole, complete meals of sardines, salmon (or include black soy and red kidney beans and other legumes if your metabolism allows vegetarian food), raw eggs, whole pasture grazed butter, plenty of raw nuts and seed, pasture-grazed butter, cod liver oil, vegetable and tomato juices, fresh fruit such as black and blue berries, herbs and antioxidants. One should also add cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, kelp, and many adaptogenic herbs such as ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, saw palmetto, etc., as needed.

Directions: shake the mixture extremely well until contents dissolve. Contents will settle and therefore will require reshaking each time before consuming. One should also dilute or balance intake with drinking water and/or add diluted kombucha tea, lemon or other fruit juice as needed. I discovered cayenne pepper to be essential, I therefore add cayenne pepper to this formula as desired to enhance circulation. Never drink too much right before or with meals (could interfere with digestion). Do NOT overdose, otherwise, because of the high magnesium content of most mineral supplements and dolomite, one will suffer the same effect of having taken too many laxitives resulting in poor absorption of other vital nutrients. Much higher dosages could lead to an iron toxicity, therefore as with any supplement, NEVER overdose.

This alkaline mineral formula helps to expand the time between meals. I found this way of eating by "following my bliss." What feels the greatest benefit, and by what gives me the greatest sense of uplifting energy and fulfillment.

This regimen is my latest "yoga" of eating. One can meditate, be perfectly celibate and do yoga pranayama until blue in the face, but many don't experience real progress until they also modify their approach to eating as well. This special regimen is the most basic and essential foundation stone of all the parts of wholeness. The biochemistry of one's cells are a major factor in the process toward a whole new level of meditation, spiritual growth and inner joy.

The economic benefit is also great helping one to save significant amounts on grocery and medical bills. When one gets all the minerals one needs in large enough amounts while expanding circulation with cayenne pepper as well, one does not seem to need food as much, while feeling more and more sustained by bliss or pranic nourishment. One's dependency on expensive doctors, medicine and health insurance also diminishes in proportion to how much and how long one follows through on this way of eating. Only half as much of what most people consume is actually needed and one can go for long fasts between whole, complete meals quite often.

I can easily limit my food intake down to every other day, thus saving me tons of money on groceries and food supplements. I have found this regimen an absolute lifesaver. Some yogis have been known to live quite blissfully on one meal a week, and I sincerely hope I too will eventually get to that degree of seemingly miraculous, abstemious eating and such advanced levels of pranic nourishment. One can tell one is on the right path by the amount of bliss one feels and also by the amount of weight loss. If one loses too much weight, and experiences no increase in lightness, joy, and bliss, certain steps or types of food or supplements may be missing: they are still not ready for this level of abstemious eating and would have to back-off to a former level until they find the missing link in their diet and/or lifestyle.

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THE JOURNEY HOME IS THE MOST WORTHWHILE EVER TAKEN: With these lessons now completed, it is hoped you will benefit greatly from the secrets presented hereinbefore. I guarantee you that this material was most original in its content, and should have, at the very least, helped you to gain a new perspective on the vital interconnections of sexuality, diet, physical health, mental/emotional wholeness and spiritual realization.

For most people, the journey home to the Source of their being is a long one, but is the most worthwhile ever taken. I urge all to seek wholeness! Without wholeness or its search thereof, life is just a senseless quest for "love, money, fame and fortune" or very commonly and tragically, reduced to a battle for survival! Complete success in the material world is an empty victory indeed if one has to lose his soul to obtain it! Nothing is permanent in this world; all must pass away. Therefore, to find God at the center of our being is absolutely vital; it is hard to comprehend why so few people, in light of all the problems, limitations and suffering associated with being a human being can bring, care enough to seek the very Source of eternal, ever changing, ever new Joy!




For Beloved's celestine paradise,
I flee grim streets of fear.
Where worldly tyranny rules the darkness,
Please shine heaven's goodness here.
While seeking Eden's singing waters,
Searching, yearning to be whole,
Ambrosial blossoms' wild fragrance
Perfume celestial regions in my soul.

Astral tunes' titanic grandeur,
Spectral visions 'brace crystaled skies.
Soaring samadhis, love's wildest dreams
Where radiant views' angelic kingdom lies.
Rainbow luminaries intone Thy glory:
Angels' stellar causal chorus spread.
There's no beloved but thine Eternal:
Her 'raptured form reclines the stellar bed!

In Eden's bliss, shorelines ripple joy
Of deeper ecstasies in Thy Grace.
To send out love to other souls,
Our hearts expand the vault of space.
Victory to God my dearest Beloved,
Victory to the Father, Holy Ghost and Son,
Thine the kingdom, power, and glory
Exalting Earth to paradise we come,
Thoughout eternity and all eternities in One!


1) Follow your bliss, follow your highest excitement! Conserve and transmute your sexual energy into divine joy and selfless love with the help of the following factors:

2) Enjoy a regimen high in antioxidants, rejuvenating (adaptogenic) herbs, greens, juicy fruits, fresh raw vegetables (sauerkraut, vegetable juice), acidophilus (kombucha), seed and raw egg milks, all 74 colloidal trace elements, Green Vibrance (TM), spiralina, chlorella, food grade yeast, full spectrum Vitamin/Mineral liquid formula, etc. I obtain best results fasting a while between meals with a mineral milk consisting of 2 teaspoons Vit. C and 4 teaspoons dolomite.

3) Avoid all junk food and other common foodstuffs such as breads, pizza, dried fruit, commercially processed oils, red meats, cheeses, etc. If these are too much to let go of all at once, then be sure to either remove each one S-L-O-W-L-Y over a period of a few weeks and/or go on some of the transition diets previously mentioned in this book before making these rather drastic changes.

4) Improve circulation and recharge body cells daily with fresh air, special breathing exercises, hard work or physical exercise, and by long walks through natural places, while increasing the level of negative ions in one's living environment.

5) Release and transmute all physical tension by drinking large quantities of ionized water, doing yoga postures, physical exercise, deep relaxation, vibration and bioelectricity.

6) Meditate regularly on your most ideal symbol, thought, mantra or chakra such as the ajna chakra, one half inch above and between the eye-brows without letting the mind wander off course. If there is something negative in your life you need to change, meditate on the opposite quality such as security instead of fear, or on wealth instead of poverty.

7) What you put out is what you get back! Therefore purify your mind, thoughts, words, deeds and emotions. Only broadcast the very best and most positive intentions to the world. Honor, cherish, love and respect all life. Love God(dess) with all your heart, strength, and soul. God(dess) is the quantum field that fully loves you and manifests whatever belief system you choose.

Confessions of a God Seeker
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Confessions of a God Seeker
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